Sunday, December 30, 2012

Like a mighty storm

Tonight, he spoke of storms. He spoke of the Thunder God himself.  And the words reminded me of my own mission. Just then I heard the wind pick up outside, as if Nature itself came in to punctuate the sentence. As if the Universe itself sent me a reminder.

"I will win the crowd. I will show them something they've never seen before."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Red Riding Hood has a BIG gun.

New Teaser Trailer for REDD

Can't wait to finish it.

Monday, December 17, 2012


Striving to get as much of this movie done as humanly possible. Ya know, before the year wraps up. I'm fully aware we'll still need to get some shooting done in January, but I'm using New Years as a deadline to get this as close to done as humanly possible.

Alot of editing, learning the ins and outs of Vegas Pro 12 as well as the amazingness of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. Also been doing alot of shooting in front of our portable green screen.

More talk about that as well as where we are at production wise in the following video.

We're in the last 24 days of our INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN.  We're approaching $500 and we've got a ways to go. I'm confident we can at least get close to our goal.  I really need to keep up with the updates and video updates which is what I plan on doing this week.

I've been working with the new FX software Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. It's a pretty amazing software that now allows the use of 3d Models.  I downloaded a 3D model of a car and attempted to do an effect of a car exploding and flipping over. The physics are all wrong and it was a very rushed job, mainly because I was excited to get it rendered to see what it would look like. All in all I think it looks alright for an hour job. I definitely see the strong potential of this software and can't wait to test it's limits.

So here's my plan for this week. I have a reel for a client that I need to upload which I'm actually doing now. Also this week I need to upload a Hitfilm 2 tutorial since a few people have asked. I'd like to edit at least 2 to 3 more video updates for our IndieGoGo as well as for our Kickstarter peoples and just for our REDD audience in general. 

Really need to push this IndieGoGo. Gotta get some of this money in. The more we get the faster we can get REDD finished. So please, if you can, spread the word and or pledge to us.  You'll get rewards for pledging like these amazing Limited Edition Postcards.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Some days you never know how they're going to end. Tonight was a rather bitter sweet ending, but a bit more on the sweet side. Watching Paul McCartney perform tonight at the 12/12/12 concert. Juli talking about how it's her Mom's birthday and how much she loved McCartney  Me thinking about my brother Robert and how often he played The Beatles and Wings. I'm glad we got to experience that tonight. Even if we were just sitting in a room watching it all on TV. It felt like a nice tribute to those we've lost.

I really felt it when Paul played Blackbird.

And on that note, I want to say God bless those affected by Sandy. To all the families, the victims, the survivors, and all the heroes.  God bless us all and God bless the America.

Friday, November 30, 2012

We will finish this

On behalf of the cast and crew of REDD we give our condolences to our lead actress April Crum and her family. Her mother Dian Crum has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Dian was sweet and wonderful and extremely supportive of April and this little movie we've been working on. She didn't hesitate to lend a hand behind and sometimes in front of the camera. She was an amazing and lovely person and she will be greatly missed.

Please send your condolences here:

Honestly. This is rather heartbreaking. There have been many ups and downs in making this movie. At the start of this production I had lost a friend in a car wreck and then later my brother Robert passed away. It's hard not to think of the people you've lost in your own life when someone else passes away. My heart is with April, her sister Crystal, and their Dad, Bill Crum, as well as all of the immediate family. It's an awful time right now that only adds to my own pain from my own loss.

But somehow you have to find the strength to move forward. You have to. I promised my brother I would finish this movie and now I do so with Dian in mind as well.

So we will indeed finish this.

And now for something a little less depressing. I bring you the newest REDD Production Vlog.  I was hesitant to upload this so soon after Dian's death, but Bill told me that working on this movie meant alot to her. Hearing that meant alot to me. So I post this silly goofy behind the scenes of recent work on REDD as sort of tribute to Dian.

Lines are dropped, people are goofy, and Chris does a great Bobcat Goldthwait.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Who is REDD?

Who is REDD? Take a quick look at what a REDD Agent is and peek into the personality of REDD herself.

Please support our IndieGoGo. This movie is nearly finished and we need your help to get this movie out to the masses.

Also, special thanks to Theo Hearst and Michael Baumeister for being our newest pledgers to receive their Associate Producer credit. And remember, this is a flexible funding campaign, meaning whatever you pay for you are guaranteed to get. If you pledge to get a T-shirt package, you will be getting that T-shirt package regardless of whether we reach our goal. So feel free to pledge to get some of our nifty perks.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Vince Carter, Dallas Mavericks, The Michael Scott Paper Company, Clamored, Paul Reiser, Todd, Juli, Tiffany, The Moth Woman, Shaniel makes better fried rice than me, Terry has light to spread, REDD has a poster.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


In overtime. In Charlotte watching the Mavs play the Bobcats. Great game. Tonight I'm understanding a lot of what it means to play under pressure. Watching marketing, publicity, and promotion in action. Witnessing showmanship applied. And getting a feel for what needs to be done to play hard and win a game.

There's knowing and then really knowing.

Also, I'm having a blast.

Monday, November 5, 2012

11:11 - 1:11

First I want to apologize for this blog. I wanted it to be about my adventures in movie making  But it's become a blog where I post cryptically about my emotional state as I experience my different supposed traumas.

And it seems there is so much that I go through that I cannot explain or talk about fully.  And here comes more.

Because of recent events I go through bouts of sadness, loneliness, and fear. Who doesn't?

But I do try to remember that I am blessed and lucky and I have alot going for me. That only comes through me fighting to get to that stability where I can focus on that.

But there are many times, very many times, where I do get a sign, a symbol, a voice from above that tells me it's all going to be beyond OK.  It says to me that things are going to be amazing. And from past experience I should have learned by now to trust in the process. I've seen what happens when I follow my passion, my positivity, and my vision. I've seen what happens when I pay attention to the signs.

Thing is, I'm stupid. I need to be hit over the head with these signs and I usually am. The universe practically screams at me these affirmations of life and the future and each time I find myself amazed and flabbergasted by what I had just witnessed only to slip back into whatever negativity I was experiencing.

I really need to cut that shit out.

Bottom line is I'm dumb. I have greatness before me and it takes a punch to my face to show me that I have it.  I need to really pay attention, and really believe. REALLY BELIEVE. This life has been generous with all the signs and symbols it throws at me, overtly generous, and I need to work hard to remember these signs and use them as inspiration to further drive me towards the person I was born to be and to experience those moments of amazement I need to and deserve to experience.

The truth is I am experiencing exactly what I asked for. Exactly what I created. I may not always remember that it's happening, but this is exactly what I ordered. With that in mind it's those signs, those symbols that I need to look to help push me towards that ultimate vision I have.

Ok, here are a few reminders.  Since I want to kinda remember the most recent punch to the face I received.

I need to learn to absorb what I've learned, because here's the thing, I have to deal with this myself.
It's the truth and it's a privilege.

All that other negativity that pushes you down? Ain't nobody got time for that.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This post is specifically designed to make everything ok

Watch the following videos and then click the link at the bottom and everything will be OK.

Now click this link:

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This is all so new and exciting. Scary and thrilling all at once.

I'm entering a new chapter in my life.

Cryptic, I know. But I can't quite share this news with the world yet, and probably for a while.

Just know that things are evolving and I feel like great things are coming.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

what a great fucking night

Thursday, October 18, 2012


1) Life does not operate on reality but on the perception of reality. That includes all perceived realities from everyone, including yourself, and the people around you. Reality can be changed by changing people's perception. People's perception cannot be changed until you change your own perception first.

2) Always remember what it is you are working towards. The shadows will always try to pull your focus to the stagnant and the unproductive. Look to the light and always remember the power of that vision. It's as important as you think it is. Even on days where it doesn't seem like it, you have to be a rock about this.

3) You have to focus on your goals, but you have to be conscious of others, their needs, their pain. Always ask yourself what you can do to help them or more importantly what it is you can stop doing that would help them. Help people without losing your focus, help people.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


adj. Comparative of good.
1. Greater in excellence or higher in quality.
2. More useful, suitable, or desirable: found a better way to go; a suit with a better fit than that one.
3. More highly skilled or adept: I am better at math than English.
4. Greater or larger: argued for the better part of an hour.
5. More advantageous or favorable; improved: a better chance of success.
6. Healthier or more fit than before: The patient is better today.

I've been fast tracked through a course in confidence, emotional maturity, time management, and creative thinking.  My eyes have been opened to new possibilities.

Because of the events of the past week I can say things are better in certain aspects of my life. But now I'm starting to see how other parts of my existence and especially my creative endeavors can greatly improve.

It has to happen every so often. You realize after seeing something fall a part how you can put it all back together and in even better shape. This becomes even more obvious when other people don't see what you see.

I made something and now that I look at it I'm seeing how awful it is. Well, not awful, but satisfactory. And for me satisfactory is awful. I don't want to create on a level that is just plain, acceptable, or average. I want to and can do better.

I'm sick of average. And so I go to work on greater things.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Confidence Part 2

You have to do everything humanly possible to stay extremely positive and confident.


I emphasize this because I was witness to the very results of being positive and confident. Some very good results. Confirmed by the universe I might add. But it is a tough thing to  accomplish.  Even after being convinced of the power of positive thinking and a confident spirit, I still struggle to stay in such a mood. It does indeed take work.

The key here is to get to a point where you truly believe in yourself and in your power. Even in cases where people may think you're a fool. You've got to say "Fuck Em!" It's not about anyone else's beliefs but your own. This is your life, your situation, your time, your existence, your dreams, your goals.  Believe in them.

Believe in yourself. Find a way to be confident. Even in failure. Recognize that your failure is not the end of you. And as long as you still exist, then you still have every opportunity, every possibility to come out on top.

Confidence is believing in yourself. Truly believing in yourself.

You'll have doubts of course. Without doubts you cannot possibly reach the true strength of your belief. You have to go through those troubles in order to fully understand and experience confidence.  How else can you truly know the feeling of comfort without experiencing the pain. How can you fully understand calm if you have no reference of what turmoil is.

You will need to do this several times before you reach full confidence. And even after then you'll still experience doubts. But just like a muscle, the more you work it out, the more you damage those fibers, the stronger it re-builds itself to be.

If you need a starting point then just follow this quote from The West Wing. In a scene from the episode titled "In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen" President Bartlet doesn't have alot of Faith in himself, but his friend Leo McGarry does. Leo tells him this:

"Act as if ye have faith and faith shall be given to you. Put it another way, fake it till you make it."


Gather around kids I'm about to school ya. Here's an important lesson that I was reminded of these past few days. It's simple but valuable, so listen close.

Confidence is key.

That's it. All done. Here endeth the lesson.

I'll elaborate more on that later.

"You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement. When your shift is over make sure you go home alive."


(Note: Something special just happened.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

I've got to figure this shit out.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wide Awake

I'm wide awake. At least for a little while.

Need to take advantage of this, really get into getting some work done. See how I can move forward while I've got the advantage coming.

I've been lazy (by my standards) and I really need to push things while keeping things cool and calm. Zen on a mission.

I've been inching. But now it's time to stand apart. See if I can make some strides.

So in order for me to really get stuff done I need to ask myself some questions.

1) Is everything organized to operate to it's full potential and efficiency? And that's everything. The workspace. Office space. The computer files on the hard drive.

2) Is there anything you can get rid of? Is there anything you can clear out to make more room?

3) Are you doing everything you can to earn what you can to help supplement what you already have?

4) Less is more. What are you doing to apply that rule?

5) Are there any habits you have developed that are wasteful, especially ones that you may not realize are wasteful?

6) Are you getting enough sleep?

7) Are you doing anything that is a reaction from worry or fear? If so, cut that shit out.

8) Is your presentation the best it can be? Are your websites, pages, social networks, in order? Is it efficient? Is it easy for people to access? Are they ready for distribution and sales? Are they ready for marketing? Like REALLY ready?

9) Are you communicating enough with your audience? With your backers? With your network? With your fans? With your potential fans?

10) Are you getting enough sleep?

11) Are you paying proper attention to each project? Really paying PROPER attention?  If not, you need to cut something.

12) What are you doing to make sure what you are making is something special? What is it that is going to make them stand apart from the norm? If you're doing nothing about this then there is no point in even trying to make movies.

13) Are you getting enough sleep?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Still got work to do

It would be easy for me to be preoccupied with my current situation. I'm waiting on some news. Potentially great news, and if not great, then just plain ok news.

Regardless of what the news is there is still plenty of work for me to do. So my goal is to get as much work done as humanly possible. And when the news comes, we'll play it by ear.

None of this changes the fact that I still have two movies and a web series to produce.

Still working on REDD. Still working on Saturday Night Fright. And I've got an episode of Monster Cops to get out in the next few weeks.

The issue I'm having to work through with both REDD and MC is in the writing. I'm trying to best understand how to tell these particular stories just right, and that's mainly what I'll be working on.

Check out the latest Monster Cops Clip. This is just a quick snippet from the next episode called MONSTER COPS: VAMPIRE KILLERS

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Every day is an adventure ... And more.

I have this annoying habit where I find the interesting, enjoyable, and sometimes magical details in ordinary everyday moments.

It's annoying because these moments seem so trivial to others, if I were to point out what was so special about it people would just look at me weird. So I have to keep it to myself.

But its ok. Sometimes holding on to that secret just makes the moment that more special.

Today was definitely one of those days where I experience those moments.

What have I learned today?

I'm a rule breaker. Or at the very least a major rule bender.

I'm both sensitive and selfish, but I'm learning.

Life is one big Rube Goldberg machine.

We have the power and freedom to do anything.

The Chinese food at the mall is satisfactory.

We are all doing the same thing.

I need to work harder to focus.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's been a relatively good day so far. There's a kind of magic in the air today and I'm really feeling it.

I love these moments. When you're aware that you're alive in a world where you can make anything happen.

Let's see what kind of greatness we can create today.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Knowledge is Power

Right after the Bruce Lee remix (posted below) this ad popped up. It came on and I didn't skip it. I was intrigued  inspired, and enlightened by it.  Very well put together, and truly a great story about ideas, communication, and using technology to create a better life in an area where technology is the last place you'd think of.

The Universe is providing much inspiration today. :)

Be like water my friend

From the folks that brought you the Bob Ross and Mr. Roger's remixes. They now turn their attention to the master himself, Bruce Lee. I love everything about this. It's a creative way to celebrate and spread one of the great lessons from Bruce Lee. The very philosophy of "Be Like Water" is one I try to adhere to in my own life and it's wonderful to see it celebrated here.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Danielle Motley

Actress Danielle Motley has a nifty new video up which just happens to have scenes from our newest feature film Saturday Night Special. Check it out to see our Danielle shine, and also to catch a glimpse of our newest feature film.

Danielle needed something of a sizzle reel. Just a minute that showcased some of the new footage she was in. So I threw this together. Danielle's an old friend, she's very talented and I'm always willing to help her. Also this gave me the opportunity to play with my own footage.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To One

So here are the 3 goals I have. Finish REDD get it out to it's audience. Finish SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL get it out to it's audience. Put out at least 2 NEW episodes of MONSTER COPS. Yes that's right. We make our triumphant return to Monster Cops. REDD is on track. Saturday Night Special (or whatever we're calling it) is on schedule. So now we turn our attention to our beloved Monster Cops. 

Starting to spread the word again about it, as we're going to start up a Kickstarter soon for it. Check out the newest teaser trailer. I must say I'm rather proud of the graphics at the start and end. It's always a pleasure to produce something you've been seeing in your head for a while. I've played this visual along with this music in my head for a couple of years now. Here it is.


Monday, August 20, 2012

In between

First of all. RIP Tony Scott.

When I heard the news it made me think of Ridley Scott. For a second I thought to myself "I can't imagine how he feels right now." I quickly realized I can imagine. I know what its like to lose a brother.

And that's how my day started.

I just want to disappear today, but I got shit to do.

I'm trying to be thankful and grateful as things could and have been worse.

I have to think about my friend Andrea. She's going through some medical issues. Going through the hell of waiting on doctors to tell her how bad things may or may not be. I feel for her, her husband and her kids. I truly hope all turns out well.

From that perspective, I've got it pretty good.

I'm in between right now but I foresee a day where I won't be and will never be again.

Alright. Back to work.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Demo Reel for 2012

One of these days I'll actually like my demo reel. Until then, here's this thing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday Night Special (Or something like that)

Yes, I've returned to this blog. I mean how could I stay away? I've been blogging on this thing forever. I'll still have a Tumblr, and I'll most likely cross post what I can from there, but for the most part I'll continue my blogging adventures in movie making on this very blog.

And speaking of movie making here's what's going down.

Status: Post Production
There are still scenes that need to be shot, and we're trying to coordinate with some of our cast and their schedules. So while we work out any scheduling conflicts there is ALOT to edit. Currently working on editing, Visual FX Editing, Sound Editing, etc.  Alot of work, and alot of wait and see as much of the VFX work takes alot of rendering time.  Like this scene which I posted for Kickstarter Backers only. Yes that's right, when you support us on Kickstarter you get special treatment and you get to see scenes before anyone else.  So suck it. Maybe in the future you'll make a pledge. ;) LOL.

Check out the rough cut of a scene our backers got to see first:

Working on lots more FX shots like that one. And that one still needs a better color correction as well as improved composite shots. That took 2 weeks to put together. Suffice it to say, I'm working my ass off on this one. I'm pushing my Hitfilm skills to the limit, but I am having fun and I can't wait to get this one done.

You may or may not have heard that I was also working on yet another feature film. This is true. I am.

Here's how it all went down.

I was working out details for what my next feature film would be after REDD. I was and still am working out the details with actress Carrie Anne Hunt on shooting a feature film next year, the title of which I will not reveal just yet. But you may already know it if you happen to catch a few hints on my Tumblr (like anyone is that interested in me.)

So that was the plan. But then I did start to entertain the idea of just knocking out a small feature film in between REDD and the next feature. As I was working on all the VFX for Redd, I was really thinking about doing a film that had no VFX at all. Just something simple, performance based, no special editing. Just shoot it, cut it, score it.  I mean that was kinda the point of REDD, but then my brain started to go "Hey how do I plus this Sci-Fi Horror Adventure movie?

But with this feature I'd actually stick to the idea of, "Keep It Simple Stupid". I was really looking at John Carpenter's Halloween for inspiration. Simple, creepy, a killer on the loose and characters acting and re-acting to the situation. No huge fx or explosions, just a simple and great flick.

But this feature idea was just going to remain in my brain. Then I got a phone call from my old friend and actress Danielle Motley who is currently in L.A.

It went something like this.

"I'm coming into town. Let's shoot something. Like REALLY shoot something."

I took that as a sign that we should knock this movie out. Danielle would serve as a producer as well as star. I pulled in Amanda Elizabeth to star along side Danielle and act as a second producer. And we went to to work on this thing.

Writing it went pretty quick as I already pretty much had the whole movie figured out, I knew how it started and how it would all end. I spent alot of time watching Halloween 1, 2, and 3. As well as the original Assault on Precinct 13. As I said, John Carpenter is very much my inspiration for the feel of this. I can't guarantee that it'll turn out like a Carpenter film, but that's how I'm shooting it.

In reality, this one's going to have a good amount of goofiness and comedy to it, but there are some gruesome murder scenes we'll be shooting.

We've spent the last week shooting a good chunk of this movie. We look to get it all in the can by mid September.

Here's the basic plot:
Two broke girls hatch a plan to capture a serial killer in order to collect the reward money, and find clues that may lead to a larger conspiracy.

This is my little twist on an 80's slasher flick. There are some very irreverent and quirky scenes. I took some typical 80's horror movie scenes and twisted them a little. I'm simply excited to have a flick that has minimal Computer VFX. Other than color correction and some minor compositing, this movie is pretty straightforward. The only FX we need to worry about are all on set. Real props, real weapons, real blood. Well, real fake blood. In other words no CG blood.

If all goes well, REDD will be completed by October and Saturday Night Special soon after. Enjoy a few of the pics from last weeks shoot.

Look! It's a Monster Cops reunion!

Apparently there are a couple of different movies (recent movies) that are titled Saturday Night Special. So off I go to find another title. Our producer Danielle Motley suggests "Saturday Night Fright." Hmm, maybe.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Screenwriting. Some Quick Notes.

For Rufel.

Use this to better understand the format:

Get some screenwriting software. My weapon of choice is Final Draft cuz it's amazing:

Read books by William Froug and Syd Field to start.

Read several already produced screenplays.

That should get ya going. :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm on my own mission

When you declare to the Universe. When you make your statement about what it is you intend on doing. It's like clockwork that everything that is the opposite of what you're goal is comes into your path. It's necessary. It's the darkness that serves to better outline and define your light.

After all, you can't paint a pretty picture without using dark and contrasting colors.

So when I make my statement, when I declare what it is I'm going to accomplish, and when those inevitable opposites make their way to me, I find that there is almost always an example of inspiration within my sight.

Tonight NASA is headed to Mars. A rover is making it's way to the Red Planet right now. It's a great scientific feat and a quest to for answers about the secrets of Mars and to find possible signs of life. It's a historic event planned and operated by some of the greatest and most ambitious scientific minds in the world. I'm honored to have this occur in my lifetime.

Meanwhile there is a small island where the world's greatest athletes have gathered to compete to the best of there abilities, represent their country, and carry on the tradition of the Olympians. There are great and touching stories of struggle and triumph. To watch an athlete fight their way to the top and win that medal makes me proud to be a human.

It's these events that brighten me. It helps solidify the belief I've always held. As human beings, as strong spirits, as creatures of heart and action, we can and will do anything we set our minds to. Great minds and great bodies are at work achieving greatness and all it says to me is that I can achieve as well.

And so I set out to accomplish my own goals. Right now I'm on my own mission through space. I'm in a marathon racing towards my own gold medal. And I will not quit til I have achieved that greatness. And soon.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just a heads up. I find myself on Tumblr these days.

I'm trying to blog more about my production work over there, where here I may post more personal matters.  We'll see. I hate to completely abandon Blogger as I've been here for years now.

We'll play this tune by ear.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Filmmakers! Learn To Kill Your Baby.

No I'm not actually talking about killing a real baby.
It's the trap that many indies fall into, as well as most any artist starting out. You become so attached to your project that you don't see what needs to be cut out, or you refuse to cut something out because you worked so hard on it, or because you think it's just to awesome to omit.

But you have to.

You have to learn to really look at your work through your viewers eyes and understand that what they're seeing may not match what you are seeing. Sure you may think that long 22 second shot of the horizon you worked so hard to get is just so amazingly beautiful you have to leave it in. But through the audience POV it's a long as 22 second shot that's boring as hell.

You have to consider what moves the story forward. Everything within your movie has got to move the story forward. If it doesn't, cut it out.  Learn to understand what may be a potential dealbreaker with the audience. I don't care how beautiful the footage is, how funny, neat, or spectacular YOU think the scene may be, if it's not moving the story along chances are it's boring the hell out of us all.

I bring this up because as I go through what's left to shoot of the script for my feature REDD, I'm noticing things that could be combined, shortened, and tightened up. At the same time I'm going over scenes in editing trying to tighten things up there as well. There is one particular scene that just doesn't work. It's a scene between 3 main characters that is absolutely necessary to the plot. It's exposition that the audience needs to know. It's necessary. And it's boring me to death.
So I cut it and have come up with a new and simpler way to get the info to the audience without them having to stare at three people talking for an eternity (really just 2 minutes, but it felt like so so much longer.)

But there was a time, years ago, when I would have left it just the way it was. I would've thought about how I couldn't possibly cut this out because we worked so hard to shoot this. All the setups, the struggle to deal with the camera  overheating, us dealing with the heat, the long trek up and down hill to the location, the actors working hard to remember there lines and perform under heat and pressure. To cut this scene would mean all that work would have been a big waste.

But you have to find a way to push all that aside and stick to that one rule.


But too many moviemakers starting out are too afraid to kill their baby.

"It's my creation, my masterpiece, my baby. I couldn't possibly butcher it."

Get over it. You have to.

Ok, so let's not refer to it as killing. You're sculpting. You're molding.

Like an artist chipping away at stone, you're chiseling away all the excess bits to get to the statue underneath. Does that artist pine and sob over every bit of rock he knocks away? No, and neather should you.

If your movie was really a baby, then you as the director have to learn to be a better parent. You're movie in it's earliest stages is just growing. You have to raise it. Mold it, guide it into the fully grown matured movie that it was born to be. Sure it's adorable when the kid runs around in it's diaper holding it's Cabbage Patch Doll (Wow, that's an old reference). Eventually your movie has to grow up.

It's your job to make sure your movie heads out into the real world fully formed minus the diaper and doll. You don't want to put your film out as an unprepared baby movie. What you want is to put out a fully erect adult film.

I mean, um. You know what I mean.

Patrick A. Prejusa

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just an Observation I've Made

When I'm not making ridiculous movies about monsters I make ridiculous memes about nothing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Damn, I really didn't expect for that to knock me down so hard.

Winning Kickstarter was the big plus. But with this mornings events it's obvious I'm very much on my own.

I'm going to spend some time picking myself up off the floor, then I have to make sure this movie is something special. I've got to find the energy to do this, but I just don't have the heart to do free lance work like this anymore.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Done. Now the real work begins.

Friday, June 1, 2012

So Close!

Only 33 hours away. We need $815 to reach our goal or we lose it all. Can you feel the tension?

Here, Amanda begs for money.

Kickstarter Update Video: Amanda Wants To Be A Vampire

Friday, May 11, 2012

Addy Miller joins the cast of REDD

We're happy to announce that we've added Addy Miller to the cast of REDD.

Addy has appeared in The Secret Life of Bees starring Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah, Blood Done Sign my Name with Michael Rooker and Rick Schroder, and the upcoming Bad Blood with Christian Slater and Jeff Fahey.

Addy's most recognized work is on AMC's 2010 new original series "The Walking Dead," cast as the "Little Girl Zombie" in the pivotal opening scene that set the tone for the entire show.

Check out the Youtube Vid below if you're not familiar.

Since her appearance on The Walking Dead she's become a fan favorite at Horror and Comicbook conventions all over the U.S.

We're very happy to have her on board in an extremely important and pivotal role for our movie.

So excited to shoot her scenes.

If you haven't yet, check out our Kickstarter Campaign.  Time is running out and we definitely need your help to finish REDD. Click on the banner below.

And if you haven't yet. Checkout our Kickstarter Video.

And checkout our latest behind the scenes video on some of our Visual FX.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here We Go!

I'm going for it. I've been agonizing over every detail. Made sure we finished the trailer. Put together a good Kickstarter video for it. Made sure the incentives were great. Listed exactly what we needed the money for. Now we've launched. Let's see if we can raise about 5 grand in the next 30 days.

Won't you help us please. Even if you can't pledge, at least watch our video and pass this link along.

Click the embed below.

Monday, April 16, 2012

REDD Official Trailer A

Finally finished editing this trailer. Just happy I finally have something that somewhat explains the plot of the movie. I just hope people like it. Now I gauge the reaction to the trailer so I can better figure out how to handle and when to start our new Kickstarter campaign. The only way we can finish this movie this year is by raising a bit of dough. Fingers Crossed.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Walking Dead of Hazzard County

Instead of editing the three commercials and my feature film, I worked on this yesterday.  Thought of it months ago, figured I'd throw it together. I find it amusing.

The Walking Dead intro cut together over The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There are really truly great stories to be told. Really great movies to be made. And I want to make them for you. I want to tell you these stories.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I think I'm just tired of talk.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Tramp

Up late. Watching Chaplin's The Gold Rush on TCM. What a great movie.

Charlie. Still a big influence on me.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Redd Production Vlog 3

If you do what you've always done. You'll get what you've always gotten.