Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

I am absolutely shocked. I turned the TV on for the first time today about 30 minutes ago and quickly saw each news station, Fox NEWS, CNN, and of course MSNBC all of them reporting the death of Tim Russert. I was stunned.

You talk about the last person you'd ever think of dying. I don't talk much about news and for the most part I try to keep politics and the like to myself, but Tim Russert was one of those people that I always saw on TV, on NBC and MSNBC, and I realize just how much he had become a part of my weekly routine.

I never went out of my way to watch Meet The Press or any weekly news talk program for that matter. It was always something on in the background and I'd look up or stop on the channel if something interested me. But I got use to seeing Tim Russert on Meet The Press, I got use to seeing him report on the elections, seeing him a part of the news broadcasts and media we all take for granted.

You don't know what you've got til it's gone. And now that Tim Russert is gone I realize how the landscape of my weekly routine will change, and how the news as I receive it will be affected. It is nice to see each news organization reporting about how much they all love the man. It is obvious what kind of a talented, well loved, well respected individual this man is both in and out of the news game.

My heart goes out to his colleagues at NBC, all the other journalists and news folk who he's touched, the people that he worked with day after day in the war zone of politics and media, and most definitely to his wife, his children, and to his family.

In 2008, Time magazine named Russert one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Watch the news today, and that will be obvious.

NBC’s Tim Russert dead at 58

Good Night Saigon

It's one of my favorite Billy Joel songs of all time. It's wonderfully written, an excellent tribute and remembrance to those soldiers of the Vietnam War. It really captures the spirit of brotherhood and conflict that comes from war. Not that I truly know what that is, only a faint familiarity after talking to my father about Vietnam, and speaking to my brothers about the first gulf war. It's the kind of knowledge you gain from being part of a military family.

This song makes me cry. And now when I hear it I realize it's one of the few things that really expresses that particular feel I want to instill in some of the Monster Cops projects. Along with the horror, the comedy, and the B-movie fx, the passionate fervor of patriotism, empathy, and pathos that comes from brothers in arms, and humans at war. I don't think those words properly express it. Just listen to it.

I found this video on youtube. I posted this version because I remember when Billy Joel went to Russia. I remember watching the concert footage in 88 of his tour there. It fed my fascination of Russia. Always had a strong interest in the Soviet Union, even more so after I visited Russia in 93. Lemme tell ya, you haven't really lived until you visit the rest of the world and experience another culture completely different than your own. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alien Research

Although the subject of Aliens isn't something I really plan on showing in any of the Monster Cops episodes, the videos I keep seeing come up are great examples of shots I'd love to see in future "monster sighting footage" in Monster Cops. And although the Cops may never deal with aliens there may be talk about them, as I do like to include dialogue of all sorts of paranormal/conspiracy subject matter. Here are a few videos I wanted to take note of. Some really great effort here. Whether it's real or fake these vids have pics and footage that would be worth duplicating for other types of creatures besides aliens.

Alien Creature

Captured Alien

Captured Alien in Isolation Room

Peeping Tom Alien