Friday, April 6, 2007

Basic Paper Engineering

Here we go again. I do play with paper alot. It's what I turn to help me think. it also helps that people like to watch them on Metacafe. This one has inspired a short movie idea. Enjoy.

Pop up Talking Puppet

Pop Up Talking Puppet - Funny bloopers are a click away

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Eli Roth's Grindhouse Trailer

Thanksgiving from ELI ROTH

Warning. Explicit content.

He really nailed that late 70's early 80's slasher feel. And they actually used music from Creepshow. LOL.

Bob Clark

He probably won't be remembered as the greatest director ever. And most may not even know who he is. But to me, he was someone that influenced my love for the movies. His movies definitely influenced the way I look at movies. For sure he contributed to most of our enjoyment of Christmas.

Bob Clark, director of such bombs as Rhinestone, such mediocre fare as Baby Geniuses, and such classics (classics to me anyways) as Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, the original Black Christmas, Porky's, Turk 182, and A Christmas Story, He died this past Wednesday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that director Bob Clark and his 22-year-old son Ariel were killed Wednesday in an early morning collision along a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades.

Mr. Clark I'm so sorry for you and your son. I'm sorry for your family. I'm sorry I never got to tell you what an inspiration Turk 182 was to me. Thank you for your work dear sir. I really appreciated it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

DIE HARD 4.0 Live Free Or Die Hard

Trailers below. I'll post later about my obsession with Die Hard. But I will say that even as a die hard DIE HARD fan, I was only merely interested seeing as how it may not be as great as the others minus direction by John McTiernan (or even Renny Harlin) and minus an amazing score from the late great Michael Kamen. Now after watching the trailers (posted below), I'm VERY excited.

The Die Hard movies always had 5 things that I looked forward to. Bruce Willis Wise Cracks, Kamen's Score, Great Action, Smart Action, and that over the top vibe. Hey 4 outta 5 ain't bad.

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I'm sorry, but did they just blow up the Capitol building?
Holy crap.

I love that they used Beethoven's 9th in this trailer. Granted it's a rock version, but hey, it sounds cool, and it's always a pleasure to hear Beethoven while watching Bruce shoot stuff.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Monster Cops:TMS Denver Screening

MONSTER COPS: THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL will be screening in Denver, Colorado on Saturday April 21st, 2007 at 12:30pm. At STARFEST/HORRORFEST.

If you're in the Denver area feel free to swing by the con/fest and checkout all the events including our movie.

Check up on the full schedule here.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools Day

A day I don't like very much. But here's something I do like:

Features Tom F. Wilson and my fav, Debbie Foreman. (sigh)