Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Mystery Box

This is my first blog from my new phone. Let's hope this app works properly.

My Auntie Lina had passed away. The funeral was this week and I'm sad I couldn't attend. It's I'm San Diego and I wasn't able to leave NC.

Now my brother in Texas is in the hospital with a heart infection. I'm told he requires surgery, and even then they say he only has a 15% chance of making it. I wish I could make it down to see him. But I won't be able to travel for a few months. All I can do is stay positive, and keep him I'm my thoughts.

A lot is transpiring all at once. The exciting opportunities on the horizon, along with the possibility of more tragedy. All I can do is just take it day by day.

The Kickstarter for Redd is still underway. Less than 23 days now. 6 people have pledged and its about time for me to thank those folks in a new video blog. That'll be coming up soon.

No matter what, I must reach my goals this year. Make movies and put em out for people to see. And hopefully, make enough money to keep making these movies.

I'll get there. Despite what life wants to throw at you. Know that on some level, you are always in control of your destiny.

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