Thursday, December 20, 2007

You have to see with better eyes.

Well I think I have successfully cast at least two people for the next Monster Cops short. Although I feel I'm behind in my goal as far as meetings with people are concerned for this week, I think I've still gotten a lot more done then I really expected. And if all turns out well, then it seems I've achieved at least half of what I was looking for to help express my proper vision for Monster Cops. Can't wait to get this stuff on camera.

I've got a bunch of stuff I need to do before the week is over and even more before the year is up. Let's do the list and see if I get any of this done before I post again.

1. Email potential cast members and send out pages.
2. Email even more potential cast members and get them on board.
3. Touch base with everyone, cast and crew before January.
4. Meet with FX guy and begin Special fx and Make up tests.
5. Finish the rest of my video segments for Expotv.
6. Finish Christmas shopping (I know I suck.)
7. Cast the Werewolf.
8. Find your interior location.
9. Workout.
10. Solidify all your props, costume, and gear.
11. And you still don't have a sound person.
12. Clean the house.
13. Hello, Groceries!!!
14. Registration!!!
15. Website(s).
16. Don't forget about the screening in Oregon in February.

I am now going to attempt to mark things off the list. See you next post.