Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011


My brother passed away this morning.
My big brother. Robert Prejusa. I'm just so glad you don't have to fight this anymore.
I'm so sad I couldn't be there. But I am very happy I was able to come this past March.

Look, I know you were worried. About your family. About Tammy. About Matthew and Sarah.

I hope you can see now, there's no need to worry. They'll be fine. I'll do what I can to help them.
But they are strong and they will always have your love to warm them.

I know you're worried about Dad. So am I. But he's told me not too. He says he's ok.
Also, he has Mom there to keep him strong. He'll be fine.

And don't worry about our brothers Phillip, Noel, Dominic, and Dennis.
Like me, they have loving wives to support them, and a big family that they can count on.

Don't worry about Allan. I worry about him too sometimes, like I worry about everyone in our family.
But he is strong, whether he realizes it or not.
Allan, if you're reading this, you know you can call me whenever you need me right?

That goes for any of the Prejusa's. If you need to talk, you can call me.

And don't you worry about me. I'm ok. Well, I will be.
I have Juli. And as usual, I have my dreams and goals.
I told you. If you get better, then I'd finish this movie and you could make the premiere.
I guess you held up your end. I mean, honestly it's kind of cheating,
but I guess you're technically better now.
So I'll finish this, and you can see what I've been working on.
And I'll dedicate it to you. My Brother. My Kuya.

I always looked up to you.
Whether you realized it or not, you taught me so much.
You raised me just as much as Mom and Dad did.
You inspired me, and still do.
I will always be your little brother.

I know you know it, but I will say it here anyways. I Love You.

5 of the 7.