Friday, September 14, 2012

I've got to figure this shit out.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wide Awake

I'm wide awake. At least for a little while.

Need to take advantage of this, really get into getting some work done. See how I can move forward while I've got the advantage coming.

I've been lazy (by my standards) and I really need to push things while keeping things cool and calm. Zen on a mission.

I've been inching. But now it's time to stand apart. See if I can make some strides.

So in order for me to really get stuff done I need to ask myself some questions.

1) Is everything organized to operate to it's full potential and efficiency? And that's everything. The workspace. Office space. The computer files on the hard drive.

2) Is there anything you can get rid of? Is there anything you can clear out to make more room?

3) Are you doing everything you can to earn what you can to help supplement what you already have?

4) Less is more. What are you doing to apply that rule?

5) Are there any habits you have developed that are wasteful, especially ones that you may not realize are wasteful?

6) Are you getting enough sleep?

7) Are you doing anything that is a reaction from worry or fear? If so, cut that shit out.

8) Is your presentation the best it can be? Are your websites, pages, social networks, in order? Is it efficient? Is it easy for people to access? Are they ready for distribution and sales? Are they ready for marketing? Like REALLY ready?

9) Are you communicating enough with your audience? With your backers? With your network? With your fans? With your potential fans?

10) Are you getting enough sleep?

11) Are you paying proper attention to each project? Really paying PROPER attention?  If not, you need to cut something.

12) What are you doing to make sure what you are making is something special? What is it that is going to make them stand apart from the norm? If you're doing nothing about this then there is no point in even trying to make movies.

13) Are you getting enough sleep?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Still got work to do

It would be easy for me to be preoccupied with my current situation. I'm waiting on some news. Potentially great news, and if not great, then just plain ok news.

Regardless of what the news is there is still plenty of work for me to do. So my goal is to get as much work done as humanly possible. And when the news comes, we'll play it by ear.

None of this changes the fact that I still have two movies and a web series to produce.

Still working on REDD. Still working on Saturday Night Fright. And I've got an episode of Monster Cops to get out in the next few weeks.

The issue I'm having to work through with both REDD and MC is in the writing. I'm trying to best understand how to tell these particular stories just right, and that's mainly what I'll be working on.

Check out the latest Monster Cops Clip. This is just a quick snippet from the next episode called MONSTER COPS: VAMPIRE KILLERS