Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Called Death Bed, The Bed That Eats People.

The title is taken from Patton Oswalt's current comedy CD.

Patton Oswalt

It's hilarious. And I really mean that. No really. You should get you a copy. Click the pic to get your own.

Werewolves and Lollipops

It's actually the first comedy CD I've listened to in a while that isn't Eddie Izzard, and I've been listenting to everything Izzard non-stop for the past 6 months.

Eddie The Izzard!

Right now Glorious is in the rotation and is probably my fav. However I have noticed that the DVD performance is different from the CD performance. Same act different performances. They each have different little nuances that make them funny, but I think I prefer the DVD performance. It's the way he says "covered in bees." It cracks me up.

Buy Eddie Izzard's GLORIOUS!

If you love Eddie Izzard and Tetris, then you should definitely check out his official site. It's pretty awesome with everything a website should have, plenty of things to waste your time.

New ExpoTV video. This time I'm talking about HELL NIGHT on DVD. As you can see by the freeze frame below they are obviously trying their best to make me look like a big doofus. This freeze frame is by far my fav.

The audio seems to be a bit out of synch and the video lets a digital fart at the end. Other than that, another ExpoTV review DONE.

Looks like we're winning again on OUR STAGE. The other trailer is currently in 6th place in the COMEDY category. Check out the nifty banner they now provide to help promote ya. Feel free to click and vote for us.

Monster Cops: The Midnight Special TRAILER, by onespartan on OurStage

And as you can see below, it is, once again, The Paper Rose video. I'm pimping it out again seeing as it's reaching enough views to pay out more money. I've already been able to pay some bills with this video. God bless making money through online video. So watch it a whole bunch a times will ya. And tell your friends.

Paper Rose - The top video clips of the week are here

As far as the production front. Many many projects in the works. Many are work related. And a few career related. But always for fun. Still pimpin the Monster Cops. Still gearing up for that next feature. Much more later.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

recognize the moment

It's a good feeling to hear a crowd singing in unison together a song they all love so much. It's even better when you're a part of that crowd.

It's a good feeling to laugh all night long with someone you're madly in love with.

It's a good feeling to see something live for the first time that you'd only seen in pictures, read in a book, seen on TV, or even just told about.

It's a good feeling to say that you can make a living doing something you love.

It's a good feeling solving that puzzle, finding the answer, and resolving that mystery.

It's a good feeling to be able to really recognize those moments when you are truely alive.

I'm not quite at all my goals just yet, but I can say that I've felt these good feelings, these amazing feelings, and it's been overwhelming. As rough as it's been, this adventure has been an amazing one, and I'm fairly certain that it's far from over. I just wanted to post this here and now as a bookmark to remind me of this night and the many other nights of revelation that make me appreciate those amazing moments that have passed, and the ones that are sure to come.

Dana: I-I went to a show.

Casey: Please tell me you have Milk Duds in your purse.

Dana: Don't you want to hear what happened to me?

Casey: Not unless you held up a deli during intermission.

Dana: I believe in the power of the theatre.

Casey: Well, that's good. I believe in the power of a roast beef sandwich, so I really don't have time to talk. (starts to walk off)

Dana: Casey. (he turns back) It was really quite something. The music began and I just started to cry. I don't know where it came from. It was like... church. I didn't know we could do that. Did you know we could do that?

Casey: (with a gentle smile) Well, when I forget, something usually reminds me.

Dana: (as he walks away) I didn't know we could do that.

Season 1 Episode 9 "The Quality Of Mercy at 29k"
Dana recognizes a moment. As does Dan. Great episode.