Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clearly Defined Goals

I've gottem. Goals that is. I think the biggest problem is the amount of distraction. Always there to try to deter you from reaching those goals. And there have been many. From the trivial to the tragic, I have been shaken a little, but I never really stop working at them. If I ever stop then that is the ultimate defeat for me. I mean, you never really fail if you never stop trying.

There has been much to be worried about. Still no movement on my brother. Just hoping I don't get bad news anytime soon. Right now, no news is good news.

That plus a few other minor trivial and somewhat worrying things have distracted me from really pushing this Kickstarter cause.

I would traditionally do more updates, blogs and vlogs, but so many other things going on, I've just been too distracted and too busy.

But if all else fails I'll just start up another campaign next month. We do have 8 days left, so ya never know.

The good news I have just enough funding to get started shooting soon. We've been doing a few rehearsals here and there. I've been working on re-writes, building and painting props, establishing locations, etc.

I must admit, I was lost there for a second. Mainly due to all the personal stuff going on. But I can't let worries slow me down. Worrying never helped anything. Being prepared for the worst and hoping for the best is always the way to go. But sitting around worrying about what may or may not happen. It doesn't work.

Whether something happens or not, it shouldn't alter your work towards your clearly defined goals.

If I die tomorrow, well that would suck, but worrying about it today won't do anything for it. Maybe I'll prepare, I'll put on my bullet proof vest, look both ways before I cross the street, and take plenty of vitamin C, but sitting and worrying is nowhere near preparing, and is definitely nowhere near productive.

What if I worry and worry and worry and then nothing happens. What if I don't die and I end up living a long and healthy life. I'll have been too busy worrying and I'll be nowhere near my clearly defined goals.

So take those worries, give them their due respect, and then set them to the side while you move forward. Because this life is not worth living if you don't move forward.

So those are the orders I'm giving myself. The drill instructor shouting in my soul is screaming orders at me:

"Continue marching soldier. I don't care if the world looks like it's ending. I don't care if you've got people on the sidelines screaming that you can't do it, or you need to take cover because there's danger ahead. You trust your own eyes and tell me what you see. Do you see doomsday? Do you see danger ahead? Do you see utter catastrophe? No you don't. All you see is what you've always seen, even when others couldn't. Especially when others couldn't. You see the light. Your light. Your goals. Now you keep marching forward soldier. You march forward and you get them goals. They're yours, so you go gettem. DOUBLE TIME!"

And so I march on.

"In the absence of clearly-defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately we become enslaved by it."
- Robert Heinlein