Friday, September 24, 2010

Waiting For The Cool

Here's a freeze frame from the footage we shot at Midway Wicked Woods for their ad. Yes I had a blast playing with light and fog. Been wanting to do those shots for a while now. Richard Gaither is in the mask, my wife is holding the door, you can see her hand to the left of Richard.

As always in this roller coaster of life, there are some unexpected twists and turns. I'm working extensively on this documentary. Can't really give out the details just yet, but it's fairly in-depth and very compelling. What's more, it's not my baby, I'm simply lending my storytelling and documentary experience to the project and taking on much of the camera work and editing, but it is a project that I'm excited to be working.

I've been doing some ad work here and there. I recently finished the ad for Midway Wicked Woods, and I'm about to jump on a few other ads for Poptent. All this along with my computer being out for two weeks really pushed back my original plans. But I somewhat expected it.

I have no idea when the Monster Cops DVD will be ready. In all honesty it may not be until next year. So many scenes I was hoping to knock out, I just can't get around to because of all the other work I need to do. Now that I have my computer back, I'm inching my way through editing the scenes we have shot.

I won't lie. It's not all because of work. Alot of my time is being taken up by the new camera. Special thanks to Chris Plouffe and Richard Gaither, who helped in acquiring this camera. It's been a Godsend, and the footage it has produced has been amazing. You can see examples of it in the last two videos I posted, especially in the Midway Wicked Woods ad.

But I've been learning. Reading, researching, testing, shooting everything with that camera, not only learning the ins and out of the camera and shooting video on it (especially proper exposure, ISO, shutter settings, etc.), but also experimenting with different editing techniques in combination with different shots. Trying out slow-mo on 720/60. Understanding the proper renderings to maintain the highest quality when shooting in 1080 24p.

I was ready to bite the bullet and shoot a feature film with my 3CCD Panasonic, but now that I have the Canon T2i, the possibilities of shooting a feature the way I actually see it in my head is closer to becoming a reality. The Midway Wicked Woods Ad was a good example of that. A friend of mine saw the video and messaged me to tell me that I really needed to shoot a horror film.

So that's what I've been planning. Yes I'm still working on Monster Cops, yes I'm working on a Documentary, and yes I have client work to do, but my mind has been set on doing a feature for several years now, and now I'm more excited about it then ever.

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you know how badly I'm ready to display my feature film chops. You also know about all the scripts starting with Bobby's Closet, the feature I still plan on doing, when ever I can get together the $150,000 to do it. Then I went lower with Creep, my detective horror flick that was set around $20,000. Then when the investors fell through, and the resources changed, I went back to the idea of shooting something for no money at all and only using my 3CCD Panasonic. Which is when I came up with the Docu/Horror/Feature, Real Vampires. Which was set at total ZERO budget.

But now that I have the Canon T2i, things have changed. Real Vampires could be done on it, but I'm wanting to stray away from the "Found Footage/ Shaky Cam" style of shooting. I REALLY want to make something truly cinematic. So it's somewhat back to the drawing board. I do indeed have a plot, but I need to match it to my resources, and then try to get the budget as low as possible. The lower the budget, the easier it'll be to raise the money. Then I've just got to find the money. You know, that old chestnut.

The only other thing I'm plotting is my beloved short film REDD. We'll start shooting in October, but really I'm waiting for it to cool down tremendously. Finished up the props for the short, just gotta work on the Werewolf costume, and get everything scheduled. Everything else is just waiting on the weather.

I've already gotten messages from people who seem to be really impressed with the Midway Ad. I'm hoping REDD will do an even better job of showing what we can do, and what this camera can do.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Midway Wicked Woods 2010

2010 Ad for the Midway Wicked Woods Haunted Trail in Statesville, NC.

Shot on Canon T2i in 720 at 60. Post and grading in Sony Vegas Pro 9.