Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Breast Cancer Hospitalization Bill - Important legislation for all women.

There's a bill called the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act which will require insurance companies to cover a mini mum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy. It's about eliminating the 'drive-through mastectomy' where women are forced to go home just a few hours after surgery, against the wishes of their doctor, still groggy from anesthesia and sometimes with drainage tubes still
attached. Lifetime Television has put this bill on their web page with a petition drive to show your support. Last year over half the House signed on.

PLEASE!! Sign the petition by clicking on the web site below. You need not give more than your name and zip code number. Opens in a new window.


This takes about 2 seconds. PLEASE PASS THIS ON to your friends and family, and on behalf of all women, THANKS.

Thanks to Sara for bringing this to my attention.


To The Bone

and that's how I'm playin it.

Been working, both at the day job as well as on the indie movie front. Right now deciding exactly what needs to be worked on next. Working on the feature script, the one I hope to shoot soon. But still seeing how I can workout doing a Monster Cops episode. Many factors are involved, not making any of this easy. But hey, these are the problems I like having. And for further annoyance I keep getting emails from distributors I have already told no to, several times. And their deals don't get any better either. The more they persist, the more I feel going full DIY is the right direction.

Still marketing Monster Cops: TMS. Still trying to get the word out about the DVD. But I get the feeling we'll have more of a response towards Ocotber. I am so very anxious to produce something else. That feeling of really wanting to show what I can do, is really getting to me. I just can't wait to have the budget to unleash my full potential, or even my half potential.

Today Monster Squad hits DVD and I will be getting my copy. And I just found out that The Dark Knight teaser will be on The Simpsons movie, so double excitement. Also the Walking With Dinosaurs Live Show is headed this way, even more excitement. Jeez, Monsters, Batman, Simpsons, and Dinoaurs. Jesus I am a nerd.