Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm going to have to get a little more agressive in making this episode.

Let's sum up.

All the scenes that express the actual plot of the episode are shot and edited. With the exception of the final scene with Edgar Smirch. Right now I'm actually rethinking the end of the episode.

Other than that, we just need to shoot, zombies, vampires, werewolf, cops, action, and a crap load of monologues and we'll be all set. LOL. Here's how it looks like right now.

Those red circles are my main concern. And a good portion of those circles must be filled with horror and action. Time to get bloody. Alright, who wants to be a zombie and have their head blown off?


now that's a poster.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Just thinking

about zombies. A few vids to ponder.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Can't Rain at Indian Wells

Yes I'm using Sports Night episodes as blog titles again. Those of you reading (all two of you) will remember that from my days on Livejournal. But I digress.

I felt the title fitting, as both the mood of that particular episode and the subject of rain both tie into the events (or rather non-events) of this evening.

To sum up: It rained so we couldn't shoot exteriors, nor could we shoot the Werewolf scenes.

However we were able to shoot Scene 23B and we got the final shot of the entire episode, since we had the use of Chris's office. Again, thank you a ton Chris. So the great news is I finally shot the scene I've had in my head for months. The ender. The final shot that ties everything up in one big bow. And in a few minutes I will actually cut it together on the timeline to see if it plays out the way I hope it will. If it does, I hope people get it. I hope people react to it the way I pray they will. At the very least I hope it'll make people smile.

We shot some very funny bits tonight with Brandon and Chris. Several very funny takes. But that's kind of the bitter sweet stuff right there. Just like the first movie (The Midnight Special) the performances, the dialogue, the comedy, we've got all that down. It's the other stuff that was lacking from the first movie that I have to fight for. The monsters, the action, the horror, the real B-movie thrills and moments that will make this more than just a goofball comedy, or a low grade melodrama.

Tonight I was hoping to feel a little bit better after knowing we had the Werewolf footage in the can, or at least a Zombie head explosion. But we got rained out. I know I'll make it all work in the end, I'm just anxious.

In terms of what the feel of the movie is supposed to be, well, it's supposed to be like this:

And this ...

and this ...

and this ...

with a little bit of the empathy and drama of this ...

And we've achieved all that. We've gotten all the scenes down that have the pathos, and most definitely the comedy. We've got all of the above. We've even got a bit of this ...

But now I'm ready to throw in the other ingredients that are supposed to make Monster Cops what I see in my head. A bit like this ...

and this ...

more like this ...

I can only hope to achieve anything close to this ...

Just gotta stay focused on that vision, and keep rescheduling. If only I had more than just Wednesdays and Saturdays to shoot. And it's about to be crunch time. This is the action, comedy, drama, horror show. Just gotta get that action and horror in, and soon.

It can't rain at Indian Wells forever.