Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Production List 2009 to 2010

So here's exactly what I'm working on right now. Yes, this is me blogging to help bring things to fruition. If I blog about it, so shall it be done. If it works, I'll blog about that 12 million dollars I'll earn.

- Monster Cops
My goal is to have at least 4 complete episodes at about 20 to 24 minutes each. 1 is online now, we're about to complete another one. We've shot half of the 3rd and just need to shoot and edit the 4th. I'll aim for 5 complete episodes, but 4 is more realistic. A Monster Cops Series 1 DVD release would be set for an early spring release if we get enough episodes completed. That 4th episode depends greatly on our werewolf FX. The 4th is a Werewolf episode and I don't want to do it if the Lycan is too entirely ridiculous.

This goes hand in hand with ...

Redd is a short film. It's a gothic, horror, action version of Red Riding Hood, where the title character is treated more like an action hero and the big bad wolf is actually a big bad Werewolf. Also features much of what we've accomplished before with Monster Cops, Vampires, Zombies rising from the grave. Except in a more cinematic style. This is part short film, part mock trailer. Working on Werewolf FX now, which we can hopefully utilize in that 4th Monster Cops episode. I'm aiming to do something mind blowing on no budget. Really show what we can do.

April Crum trying on her possible costume as the character Redd.

This is really just me attempting to make something big budget movie style utilizing the resources we already have. I truely believe something great can be created with what you've got. Examples of great DIY moviemaking for no money are all over YouTube. So many talented folks out there. It's our turn to create something truly mind blowing. This is very much a big picture movie and will hopefully help in the fundraising for ...

The Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, Monster movie. The budget for that is between 80 and 50 grand. Trying to raising money for it, and I hope to have it so we can start shooting in Spring/Summer of 2010. Definitely going to shoot this one on either a RED Camera or, I'm strongly considering a VDSLR Camera like the Canon 7D. Really go for that cinematic look. I've blogged about it before. This one is my throwback to the 80's. Back To The Future, Poltergeist, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Close Encounters. And as with all of my projects I want to utilize a percentage of any and all profits by donating it to Cancer Charities. So many causes and so much support to give.  To entertain and to help.  But first, we need our own budget to make this happen and continue to make it happen.

Going to try a number of fund raising ideas. Already have some inquiries from some possible investors, going to try crowd sourcing, sponsorship, and perhaps a good old fashioned bake sale. Already have a few details up on how you can help make this movie happen, and a few of the benefits of donating to this movie.  Still have much work to do before we completely unveil the full plan. Along the way, we're doing concept art, preliminary casting, and location scouting.  Check out the site when you get a chance. I'll try to update the blog there as much as I can.

I'm very excited about all of these projects, alot of things seem to be falling into place.  I hope we can continue to be lucky.  Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I'm prepared for this opportunity.