Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scrambling to figure out what I can do project wise, now that I am without a computer for a few weeks. Only so much I can do on my wife's laptop.

I am looking forward to finally getting a Canon T2i, hopefully the camera will arrive by the time I get my computer back.

Need to schedule some shoot dates for Monster Cops, work on props, and figure out what else I can do to be productive for now.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In line at geek squad. dropping off my newly dead comp. But its ok, cuz they're blasting blues music.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

.LOG 8/24/10 - 8/28/10

The following are all micro blogs from Tuesday August 24th to Saturday August 28th. I was utilizing the .LOG hack on notepad. If you're not aware. Open up notepad type .LOG and then save it to your desktop. When you open it back up it'll update with your current time and date. This has become handy in just keeping up with little notes through out the day. I'll be doing this every so often, updating every 4 or 5 days.

8:41 AM 8/24/2010
Got up at 7:30. Just had a protein shake, now I'm trying to figure out what needs to be done today. I'm certain editing will be involved. Oh yeah, and I guess I should finish up this client's project.

9:30 AM 8/24/2010
Currently editing footage as I re-write the vampire Killing scene, while researching the best way to create this specific prop. Realized that the plot has changed slightly due to scenes I couldn't shoot at the office, so I'm renaming the Dead By Dawn episode to MONSTER COPS: Vampire Killer. Which I realize signifies some sort of closure for me as well as a sort of a rebirth. Vampire Killer was the name of my first feature film and it featured a young blond Vampire Killer named Kate Rand. This Monster Cops episode is now called Vampire Killer, and it also features Kate Rand, now being played by April Crum. This Monster Cops storyline concludes the previous storyline in that first feature, as well as resurrects that character into this world. I'm hoping to include Kate Rand in many more Monster Cops adventures.

2:52 PM 8/25/2010
Just had a meeting with a new client, hopefully I can get a bit more work in to pay the bills. Drinking a protein shake right now, then off I go to meet with a potential actor I can work with. Also got a call from another client today, apparently someone really important is impressed with my work. So, good day so far.

8:03 PM 8/25/2010
After the meeting with the actor, who is super neato by the way, I headed to the grocery store(s) as per my instructions from the wifey. After my excursion, a very cool, almost cold, breeze hit me. This was the first indication that FALL was around the corner. I got a little excited about it. Right now the cool weather means I can do exterior shots with much more comfort. We just got done with dinner, now I'm about to clean up a bit, fold some laundry, then tend to some issues concerning some clients, make some phone calls, emails, and get back to editing.

10:25 PM 8/25/2010
Finished a quick workout 30 minutes ago. Now I am going through edits, and taking care of updates on Monsters Vs. Cops IMDB page. Soon a shower, some dishes, and then sleep.

9:37 AM 8/26/2010
Up round 7:30 am. Quick breakfast and right into some editing. Working on some visual fx and cutting together segments. Gotta keep my eye on laundry at the same time. Also trying to coordinate some possible shoots at a couple of the local haunted houses.

10:40 AM 8/26/2010
Listening to Night Of The Living Podcast while editing video. I'm really getting a kick out of doing post visual fx work. I know I will have succeeded when no one notices that this scenes was composed in Photoshop and Sony Vegas Pro.

5:19 PM 8/26/2010
Round 1pm had to head out to run an errand. Met up with the Wifey and we had lunch. Then I went to check on the total price of a Canon T2i as I am hoping to acquire one soon. Went to the grocery store, got a call from a client as I was shopping. Apparently I need to work on a few videos before next week. Hopefully it'll turn out the way I need them too. Now I'm about to get started on some editing, and catching up on some emails.

6:16 PM 8/26/2010
Protein shake, trying to understand what types of SD CARDs are best for the T2i.

3:51 PM 8/27/2010
Got a late start to this Blog today. Been editing all day, and now we're coming up on that special combo of cleaning, editing, and doing laundry. Later tonight is Taco night. Wooo Hoo!

4:41 PM 8/27/2010
Folding laundry and about to attempt a new way to fold fitted sheets.

8:23 PM 8/27/2010
Taco dinner done. Back to editing. Currently editing the Chimera Talk scene in the conference room. It's really annoying the hell out of me. It's my camera movements. Obviously I had alot going on that day, because the camera work is all over the place. I'm barely getting the right shots. I need to get my shit together.

9:19 PM 8/27/2010
Was reminded today is the anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaughn's death.

9:29 PM 8/27/2010
About to come to a stopping point on editing. Next a workout, a protein shake, shower, then possibly more editing, as I listen to some Stevie Ray Vaughn.

1:28 AM 8/28/2010
Going to bed in a bit, but right now I'm doing some quick research on Forced Perspective.