Thursday, May 1, 2008

Plus it

It was sort of Walt Disney's motto. While working on any project, he always asked, how can we plus it? Meaning, what else can we do to make it even better? It's a way to turn things from satisfactory to good, and from good to great. I don't want to work on anything I don't feel I can turn into somthing great. I think we've got a good episode, but a whole lot of work needs to be done to hit greatness.

The one thing on my brain is monsters, of course. If I really work at it, and work to plus it, I can make a goofy little short filled with dialogue and comedy, turn into something REALLY great. We can put some people in make up, sure, but what else can I do to plus it.

Here's an amazing example. I found this video 2 years ago. I drooled over it and ponder it often, always wondering how and when I can attempt such a feat. This is a great example of plusing it, as well as the kind of grandiose type creature I'm looking to include in Monster Cops.

Here's what the description reads:
This Stone Golem was constructed using about 5 foam mattresses, over 50 sticks of hot melt glue, and 8 cans of grey and black spray paint. The foam is glued in large thick sheets (approx 20cm thick) to a fabric bodysuit, and the deep cracks are carved into the foam surface. The bodysuit has a zip up the back to allow the wearer to enter it, and the zip is concealed by abutting foam. The soles of the feet are made of corflute that has been sliced in half to expose corrugations that act as grip. The arms are about twice the length of the wearer\'s arms, and act as swinging weapons made entirely of soft foam. The golem took about 100 hours of work to construct, between 3 people. On its first appearance, the Stone Golem sent twenty bold adventurers into a hasty retreat without so much as touching them.

This along with the previous posts, are examples of what I need to accomplish to get to where this episode needs to be.

So I need to find me some mattress foam. LOL.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Dregs Of Humanity

It's on my brain. And I know it's probably not going to happen the way I need it to, but just for ponderings sake here is some research for me to further look into that may come in handy if I decide to attempt to do this particular scene I have in mind. And yes the title of this post is a reference to an 80's tv show called "It's Your Move."

Monday, April 28, 2008

Demon Face in Vegas

This guy did a nice little demon face effect using Vegas 6. Which totally intrigues me since I'm all about the monsters right now, and I own Vegas. I may have to try my own variation for the MC intro.


I'm going to attempt to build wings. Monster Wings. Here are some research vids for me to peruse over later.

AND two links to folks who've already endeavored in this project.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Here we go again

Once again it's the end of the month and that means it's finals week over at The Monster Cops trailer is once again in the top 20. Just yesterday we were in the top 10. We need help to get in and stay in the top 10 through midnight tonight in order to stay in the contest.

Some of you don't know what Ourstage is so lemme splain. Ourstage is a monthly contest for aspiring video and music makers with several different categories that you can enter. I've entered the Monster Cops: The Midnight Special trailer in the COMEDY category. You can go to Ourstage and judge videos in order to help determine who gets a hire ranking. It's a little crazy to explain how it works so just click on the banner below and know that whenever Monster Cops: The Midnight Special comes up, vote us up by selecting us the best by far. And if you've got the time to kill, you can continue to vote for us over and over. $1000.00 is up for grabs.

Monster Cops: The Midnight Special TRAILER, by onespartan on OurStage

If you're still confused, you can go to and click on HOW IT WORKS to figure it all out. Then come back and click the banner. :D:D:D


i wasn't able to shoot today. But at least the boys were able to get some shooting done in Texas tonight. They sent me two pics via cam phone.

Tabije's new camera. Holy Schnikes it's gorgeous!!!!!

The weapons wall that Nigel stand in front of as he explains the basic use of an MKXseries weapon. Special thanks to Stephanie for the creation of the wall.

Yeah, I miss Texas.