Saturday, September 17, 2011

REDD Production Vlog 2

Been working on REDD since last Winter. Been powering through the spring and summer and it looks like we'll be picking back up in October, shooting through November, and editing through the Winter. Now aiming for a Spring debut, hitting fests, cons, and screening venues, followed by a DVD release soon after.

Catch up on what we've been doing from July to September. Amanda talks of dimensional vagina's, Alethea throws an axe, April puts a gun to her head, Richard picks up a chick, and Chris continues to act like, well, Chris.

I've got the two ads, and Lost Zombies to knock out. Now it looks like I've got another ad to take care of. Then I'll jump into knocking out a Monster Cops episode. And then back into REDD. Yup, I'm busy.