Monday, May 20, 2013

I Fucking Love The Movies

It has to be said. I mean I know it's obvious, but I'm really feeling it right now.

I love movies.

I love writing movies, making movies. I find utter fascination in the behind the scenes of every movie. I love the look at the Special FX, Interviews with Actors about there process, insights from Producers and Directors.

I love the details of distribution and marketing. The creativity and drive it takes to get the word out about a movie. The lengths people will go to. From the big bucks the Studios are willing to shell out to the creative wonder of a William Castle production.

Which of course borders into my love of the exhibition of movies. I love DVD, Redbox, Netflix. I love movie theaters, outdoor screenings. I love this resurgence of Drive In Movie Theaters. I love the many different ways you can experience a movie now. In your home or out and about with the public. I love it all.

Right now I'm flipping channels. TCM is always running something that pays tribute to those classic movies. And I love how so many channels are playing so many different movies. I'm literally surrounded by movies.

Mix this in with the fact that I'm coming to the end of finally wrapping up my own movie REDD, I'm really really feeling it.

Now more than ever is an amazing time to be both a movie maker and a movie lover and I'm so happy to be in the middle of it all.