Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's Talk Geek

I'm so amazingly happy someone had posted this video. This is from Harry Anderson's act from back in the day. I was a kid when I watched this and it made me absolutely love Harry Anderson more. I loved him on Cheers as Harry The Hat, and later on Night Court as Judge Harry T. Stone, but even more so I respected him as a magician and showman.

I memorized his book, watched his act on TV every chance I got, and when I saw the Needle Through the Arm trick, I had to learn how it was done. I actually found the trick at a magic shop and I just had to have it. I still have the kit with the instructions and the needle in my super secret magic stash somewhere round here. I pull it out and look it over every so often.

I don't know why, but for some reason, Harry popped into my head today. Got me to looking up old quotes of his, and searching for videos of him on YouTube. I needed to find that video and I didn't even realize it. I needed to see it. It was a reminder of my childhood, what I dreamt of back then, and how I'm still working towards that very dream today.

I also needed to be reminded of the one thing Harry would ever really teach me. It's about showmanship. It's about putting on a great show. And probably one of the most important quotes that applies to my current goals:

"If you put on a good enough show, people will be more than happy to pay the price of admission."

I wanted be Harry. Because of him I wore a hat, from my freshman year to my last year in college. I still have that hat around here somewhere. I don't wear the hat anymore, but I still think of how he shaped me and my ideals about my own goals.

Thanks for that Harry.

Ok, back to the grind. Updating CREEPMOVIE.NET getting it just right before I go round getting everyone on board to fund this movie. Also working on Monster Cops today as well. Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish the Werewolf and get started on REDD.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting My Stuff Together

NOTE: Be careful what you're unconsciously pretending to be, because you just might become it.

So here's where I attempt to use my blog as a to do list. Perhaps if I blog about it, it will happen.

1) Continue to update MONSTERCOPS.COM upload new episode and a new minisode.

2) Prep Monster Cops Pilot for submission to Hitvidi.

3) Prep One Spartan Pilot for submission to Hitvidi.

4) Update CREEPMOVIE.NET with videos, blogs and vlogs.

5) Begin Crowdfunding at CREEPMOVIE.NET once you feel confident that you have enough material to express your vision for the movie CREEP and that the website does a good job of communicating this movie.

6) Finish Re-Writes for Creep.

7) Shoot first scene for Creep.

8) Finish doing Recon.

9) Pre-Production Concept on Secondary Show.

10) REDD

It's an exciting, strange, glorious, and scary time. Right now, anything can happen, one thing's for sure. I'm going for it. For real.

Monday, March 22, 2010

You've Been LOST ROLL'D

I've been making birthday videos for my wife for a while now. Started a few years back when I realized I had no money and nothing else but editing skills and a random sense of humor. The videos always contained inside jokes and themes for whatever fandom, celebrity, or show me and my wife were into that year. One year me and some of our friends did our version of SNL's DIGITAL SHORT "Dick In A Box"

I hadn't done one in a couple of years we've been so busy. This year I knew she wouldn't be expecting it, so I put one together. This time it was LOST themed. Using Sony Vegas 9 and several stolen photos, I animated several LOST characters lip syncing to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. A few guest appearances from some of her fav celebs as well as some of our friends.

This won't mean much if you don't watch LOST. But you may find it mildly amusing if you like Star Trek, Conan O'Brien, The Office, or Rick Astley.

Enjoy the randomness. This is the edited version minus all the Bday greetings at the end from some of our friends.

Standing in the garage. holding my wife, watching the rain come down. This is living.