Monday, March 22, 2010

You've Been LOST ROLL'D

I've been making birthday videos for my wife for a while now. Started a few years back when I realized I had no money and nothing else but editing skills and a random sense of humor. The videos always contained inside jokes and themes for whatever fandom, celebrity, or show me and my wife were into that year. One year me and some of our friends did our version of SNL's DIGITAL SHORT "Dick In A Box"

I hadn't done one in a couple of years we've been so busy. This year I knew she wouldn't be expecting it, so I put one together. This time it was LOST themed. Using Sony Vegas 9 and several stolen photos, I animated several LOST characters lip syncing to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. A few guest appearances from some of her fav celebs as well as some of our friends.

This won't mean much if you don't watch LOST. But you may find it mildly amusing if you like Star Trek, Conan O'Brien, The Office, or Rick Astley.

Enjoy the randomness. This is the edited version minus all the Bday greetings at the end from some of our friends.

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