Friday, March 26, 2010

Let's Talk Geek

I'm so amazingly happy someone had posted this video. This is from Harry Anderson's act from back in the day. I was a kid when I watched this and it made me absolutely love Harry Anderson more. I loved him on Cheers as Harry The Hat, and later on Night Court as Judge Harry T. Stone, but even more so I respected him as a magician and showman.

I memorized his book, watched his act on TV every chance I got, and when I saw the Needle Through the Arm trick, I had to learn how it was done. I actually found the trick at a magic shop and I just had to have it. I still have the kit with the instructions and the needle in my super secret magic stash somewhere round here. I pull it out and look it over every so often.

I don't know why, but for some reason, Harry popped into my head today. Got me to looking up old quotes of his, and searching for videos of him on YouTube. I needed to find that video and I didn't even realize it. I needed to see it. It was a reminder of my childhood, what I dreamt of back then, and how I'm still working towards that very dream today.

I also needed to be reminded of the one thing Harry would ever really teach me. It's about showmanship. It's about putting on a great show. And probably one of the most important quotes that applies to my current goals:

"If you put on a good enough show, people will be more than happy to pay the price of admission."

I wanted be Harry. Because of him I wore a hat, from my freshman year to my last year in college. I still have that hat around here somewhere. I don't wear the hat anymore, but I still think of how he shaped me and my ideals about my own goals.

Thanks for that Harry.

Ok, back to the grind. Updating CREEPMOVIE.NET getting it just right before I go round getting everyone on board to fund this movie. Also working on Monster Cops today as well. Tomorrow I'll hopefully finish the Werewolf and get started on REDD.

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