Thursday, October 18, 2012


1) Life does not operate on reality but on the perception of reality. That includes all perceived realities from everyone, including yourself, and the people around you. Reality can be changed by changing people's perception. People's perception cannot be changed until you change your own perception first.

2) Always remember what it is you are working towards. The shadows will always try to pull your focus to the stagnant and the unproductive. Look to the light and always remember the power of that vision. It's as important as you think it is. Even on days where it doesn't seem like it, you have to be a rock about this.

3) You have to focus on your goals, but you have to be conscious of others, their needs, their pain. Always ask yourself what you can do to help them or more importantly what it is you can stop doing that would help them. Help people without losing your focus, help people.