Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Big Picture

It's those little pieces of life, those small moments that make a big difference.  Those little bits of time you experience that add up to entirely wonderful day.  Today was a great, beautiful Fall day spent with my wonderful wife.  And so many of those little moments we share just make it all so complete and amazing.

Seeing the sun shine through golden Autumn leaves. Feeling that cool crisp air. Holding hands with the woman you love. Walking through the park. Picking out pumpkins. Sipping apple cider. Just sitting in a car next to your beautiful wife and hearing that perfect song come on to help narrate that perfect moment.  These were just some of the moments I experienced that added up to one great amazing day.

It really was a beautiful day. Some gorgeous fall foliage, the trees surrounding our house covered in light golds, dark browns, and dark greens. The lowering sun hitting it all just right. Not too warm, not too cold. Perfect day to get a few shots of Fall on the video camera. Something really amazing about seeing the leaves fall in Autumn. It's almost as wondrous as watching it snow in Winter.

Hit the local pumpkin patch. I love pumpkins and what's more I love seeing huge rows of pumpkins. The pumpkins were a bit pricey so we decided to wait and buy a couple later at the store.  Strolled through the park for a bit. Gorgeous lake out there, saw the ducks swim, and tried to find what must've been an invisible teleporting frog. I swear I would hear it next to me, I'd look down, it would stop, then start up in another area.

Got some dinner, headed to the store to get groceries and pick a few pumpkins. The entire time listening to a nice little mix of modern pop hits and horror movie scores (we're odd like that.)  At one point Harry Connick Jr. was on then the theme from Friday The 13th, which was particularily funny to hear driving through the huge wooded areas of the park. Went home, carved pumpkins, while watching Halloween and drinking apple cider. Then finished off season 4 of Supernatural then watched Ghosthunters.

Doesn't sound too adventurous, no. But when you're with the right person, everything can be a wonderful romantic adventure.  And that's how it is with me and Juli. The simplest things can become amazing moments simply because you're with that special someone. Geez I could write for Hallmark.

It's fairly similar to making movies. You create those little moments that add up to one big picture that tells a story.  Today our story is one of love and romance and sharing loving moments.  It was about enjoying what great things Fall has to offer, and savoring those great things. I can only hope I can accomplish the same thing as a movie maker. Create wonderful moments that the audience can savor, and pushes them toward a bigger picture and compelling story.

I'm anxious to really get going on RED. Or rather REDD. This little Red Riding Hood re-do is still in limbo as far as how I want to title it. Samantics.

Already got the ball rolling on casting, costume, and special fx. I'm anxious to get going on test shots, which we will be doing next week, along with starting on fight choreohgraphy.  Already done with the score.  Here's a taste:

Created with Pro Scores, Acid, and Fruity Loops. I hope this helps convey the kind of feel and intensity I'm aiming for. I just hope it helps to enhance all those great moments that I hope will create an amazing picture for the audience to witness and savor. I'm just working toward that bigger picture, one great moment at a time.