Saturday, July 12, 2008

Why So Serious?

I love how some films have really grasped the concept of internet and viral marketing for their movies. Cloverfield was phenomenal at it, and keeping track of the fun of The Dark Knight viral campaign is even more amazing. The different sites, the videos, the viral games. If you were lucky enough to get signed up to receive calls, you'd get occasional calls from the Joker. All of it leading up to the final number on the agenda, ending with each of the viral sites being defaced by the Joker himself, and all of the antics being reported by Gotham Cable News. Simply amazing. Simply brilliant.

And I do especially love the Gotham Cable News network. Showing videos online of Mike Engel (Anthony Michael Hall) reporting on the situation, doing interviews with different characters. And most of these videos being shown also on Comcast. I love the news ticker on reporting bits of headlines that hint to plot points in the movie. I've seen the leaked first 5 minutes of The Dark Knight, and I love how the current video being where Mike Engel interviews Harvey Dent is treated like a realistic news cast which then ties directly into the bank heist we see in those first 5 minutes. Awesome.

The game is pretty much done, being that next week is the big premiere. But feel free to take a look at what you've been missing.

Click around and you'll find links to most of the other viral sites pertaining to Gotham City and Batman. Take a look at the Joker's list. All on the agenda have been crossed off, but it was fun to watch them get crossed off as each one was done. Each one is a link that took players to viral sites and "clown games" that would give you little clues along the way, each one leading to something new and something fun.

The final point on the list is the best one. For those following and those who could keep up and solve the Joker's little puzzles, you were treated to free tickets to an early screening of the movie in specific cities.

Genius marketing and a great reward for the fans that played along. I myself did not get free tickets, because, well, I don't really need them. I'll be getting my own early screening. :D

Can't wait.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pre Production "Dawn"

This post is really only for those I've spoken to about the next MC project.


Here's what I'm going for.

1. ZOMBIES of course.
A hoarde of Zombies. I'll be doing a casting call for like 30 or so people, with the typical Zombie necessities like body parts falling off, blood spilling out of mouths, Zombies chewing on body parts, etc.

I'd love to shoot a scene equivalent to that of Day Of The Dead, where we see a ton of Zombie hands reaching out for a victim.

And plenty of head explosions. I'll actually settle for 2 or 3 head explosions. I've always loved the head explosions in the original Dawn Of The Dead. Savini Rocks!

My favorite character from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, and by far one of the creppiest zombies ever. To me the quintissential zombie. I'd love to see two or three of em. But if we make one, I can multiply him in post production. Tall, creepy, lanky, scary, gotta love em. I believe Will Stine is attempting this project. God speed Will Stine.

Something a bit different from the last Werewolf we shot. I definitely want to show how we take on different types of Werewolves. So this time around, something much bulkier, and TALL, almost gigantic. Like in The Howling. Unfortunately I couldn't find a pic from the Howling. But the Dog Soldiers werewolf is about the same height.

But something that resembles the look from Werewolf the TV series.

In the Werewolf scene there is a victim that is torn in half but still alive. But I've got that covered.

The plot requires us to breach a creepy house going after a master vampire before the sun comes up. And what is a Master Vampire without his 3 Brides. A staple in every Vamp story, especially when dealing with Dracula.

I do prefer the look of the 3 girls in Monster Squad. Love the way they died.

There will be a bit of a spin on these girls in my version. This just requires the proper casting. Got 1 lined up, have yet to ask the other two, but I am confident they'd do it. So this is basically covered. But I do need to come up with the costuming for the girls, three white dresses, I'd even be ok if they were in Bridal wear.

From the original F.W. Murnau of course, but I do prefer the look of Barlow from 1979's Salem's Lot. This is the Master Vampire. Tall and Creepy. Probably put him on stilts, but make his arms and hands of equal proportion.

6. This guy.

If we can make this guy happen. That would fuckin rock.

Other things I'm looking for (at the moment):

A Coffin.
A Fog Machine.
A Creepy house.
In Door Locations.
Empty Building.
Knives, Blades.
More Prop Guns.
Tac Gear.
A location with plenty of computers.
An interrogation room.

This list will get bigger. Full Cast list to come.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This is a test. I am...

This is a test. I am using a system called Jott where you can leave notes for yourself through the phone and you can also post blogs, so this is a test. What am I doing today? Right now I am to do some editing, got to do some shot later in a couple hours for Brandon and hopefully that will wrap up the ____ so that will done(?) but hopefully this test goes through and you will see this post on ____ blog so. listen

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