Saturday, December 16, 2006


Parting a soup is not a miracle, Bruce. It's a magic trick. A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle. A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle.

- Morgan Freeman as God in BRUCE ALMIGHTY

I don't know why I felt compelled to post that.

So it was around 2 AM I posted that last entry. It is now 11 AM. And I've been fiddling with this blog all this time. Updating all the links you see to the right. Adding some video. Trying to get the colors right. I mean this is, after all, my home on the web. That's how we sometimes see it don't we? It's like the land rush at the end of Far And Away and everybody's trying to get their little piece of their virtual land so they can stake their claim in the world wide web. Everyone's swift in getting their blog up, their video posted, their page all dressed up to show off.

Me? I'm no different. This is my blog so I shall decorate it to my tastes. I mean come on, that ONE SPARTAN banner at the top, that took me a good hour. Even longer to get the right text down. Also the links to the right are mostly reminders for my day to day dealings, but hopefully there are a few links to help anyone out if they have any interests in making movies, or watching videos, or having sex with manatees. Rest assured I will be updating the links often for you and for me. Will most likely be adding some of my music later. Maybe some pics. Perhaps a mini bar. Oh the endless things you can do on the internet. Sigh.

Just a note about what this blog will be about. I'll be talking about making movies, selling movies, writing movies, watching movies, curing cancer, folding paper, making cards disappear, as well as a whole range of topics from martial arts to cooking, and every other hobby I seem to have collected, as well as everything that happens in between. Like most blogs there may be some away time. And there may be some rapid fire postings. But mostly I hope to use this blog to help me sort out the constant barrage of thoughts in my brain, the miracles that occur every so often, and document the adventures amidst them. And perhaps there maybe something to pass on in the ways of life and moviemaking. If not for you dear reader, then definitely for my future forgetfulness.

Or maybe this will be a Blog O' shit.

Now pardon me, but I really need to sleep before I have to get up to go to a birthday party in 5 hours.

Please take a gander (If you already haven't) at the official site for the movie I wrote, directed, and scored (I was in it too!). It's called THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. It's located at And also feel free to look at my production companies web site at

Chances are the next post will be about that.

Until then, here is one of our little videos. Made with the help of Andrew Johnson and Mark Tabije. A comedy short, shot and improvd in one night. This is NEMESIS.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. The First Post.

I've got a myspace account. But I don't really feel the "blogging" vibe there. I have a Live Journal account, and there was a time when I was all about posting there, but I somehow have lost a passion for it. I still intend to post there every so often, but not lately. I have made many friends through LJ and I do like how you can choose friends and lock posts so only they can see it, but I've been wanting to post more publicly and at the same time not feel the need to post or not post because of my friends list, er something like that.

I dunno.

I think I just needed something new. More separate. More freeing. I do have another Blogger account but that's actually the WTW Blog which I've decided to just use to post WTW related news. In this blog I can post more personally as well as get into more details about filmmaking and life in general.

So I dub thee post number 1. I'll be back in a bit as soon as I shower and cook up some food. Ooh, see now that was a personal detail. Something I wouldn't post on the general WTW Blog. I don't think me showering and cooking are relevant WTW posts. Unless I decided to make a short film about it.


- Patrick A. Prejusa