Thursday, February 4, 2010

Don't do it from need. Do it from strength and specifics.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Round 2

Feb 1st peeps. So how did round 1 go?

January was hell. But I'm glad to say I was able to knock out one project on the list. Unfortunately noone will be able to see it for a few months. It has gone to where it needs to go and sits with who it needs to sit with, as I await the results of all that hard work.

So I have until February 28th to finish this next one on the list, and then a I have to get moving on this Monster Cops episode so it'll be done before April. Well, actually May, but I always aim to finish far ahead of any deadline.

The next video involves a scene from REDD, and I will be immensely happy to finally get some movement on that. Which means I need to complete the Werewolf soon, and organize a Saturday shoot in mid February. And hopefully this winter weather will let up, because I need a nice sunny day shoot.

On the Monster Cops front. I'm going to try to get some funding for it, which would mean completion of this episode and finishing the full proposal. The money men love that kinda stuff. But also I know I have people asking about new stuff, so I'm going to try to throw up some short webisodes to appease the (not so) masses.

But the big picture for this year is to make that movie. Maybe it'll be Bobby's Closet, of which I'm still trying to raise money for. But the budget is still big even though it is low budget. So I'm working on a script for a movie that's budget is around $3000 to $5000. Raising that will get started once I get a few concept pieces done as well as finish that script and that business plan. This movie will utilize much of what I've talked about in the past. A full indie package including self distribution on a special edition DVD with plenty of extras and merchandise items.

I'll also utilize torrent sites. Try to generate some buzz through free downloads and supposed "pirating" of the film. Trying to stick with the concept of "Giveaway the movie, sell the show."

This will also take on some transmedia elements transcending just the movie and going into viral videos, comic books, short stories, and whatever else I can come up with like games, board games, video games. Transmedia means telling your story beyond just your initial low budget indie movie. Creating a universe instead of just one story. Much like what I've aimed to do with Monster Cops. One day I'll complete that Universe with MC, but it's just too big what I have in my head right now.

This all comes back to the one thing that has always stayed true in entertainment. Make a GREAT product. Create a truly great movie. Hollywood wonders why it loses money to pirates. The key is to not make CRAP and over charge people for it. Make something so great that it makes people want to pay you for it. As I've stated previously, make it an EVENT.

Like my hero Harry Anderson says, "Give em a good enough show, and people will be more than happy to pay the price of admission."

Those old street performing rules apply. Perform your heart out, stick out your hat, and get paid. So many opportunities coming up to make some great things happen. Gotta fight for it, make something AMAZING, stick my hat out and see what happens.