Friday, September 17, 2010

Spirit Halloween Store (Canon T2i)

First outing with the Canon T2i (550d). Spirit Halloween Store Winston Salem, NC.

Used the kit lens, 18-55mm. Shot in 1080 24p. Auto ISO.

Post and grading in Sony Vegas Pro 9.

The evil baby at the end cracks me up.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your best is not good enough

Been quite busy, as the below micro blogs can attest to. Although there is quite a bit I didn't get to blog about. So much going on, and I am not complaining. I will say, I am enjoying the hell out of this new camera. Can't wait to really unleash it's power.

.LOG 9/2/2010 - 9/10/2010

10:41 PM 9/2/2010
On the wife's laptop. My computer suffered yet another hardware crash. Can't wait to find out what the exact problem is. I'm scheduled to get it back September 18th. I just ordered the Canon Rebel T2i. That should arrive on September 14th. Until then I need to do my best to work on client's projects to the best of my ability without my desktop. I've got work to do for a new client starting next week. I can't edit any Monster Cops footage right now, but I do have props to work on, pages to write, and more scenes to finish shooting. Also I need to prep for REDD. Right now I'm looking into putting up a preliminary site for my new business venture.

9:24 AM 9/3/2010
Just got up. Just did a lite workout. Now drinking cold green tea, while I make out my To Do List for the next few days. As usual, cleaning up around the house, cleaning and washing the cars, props, and trying to schedule shoot dates.

3:02 PM 9/3/2010
Taking a break from working on props. Doing laundry, getting groceries, and then back to props.

11:13 PM 9/3/2010
Made spaghetti for dinner. Cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the stove. I spent most of the evening in the kitchen cleaning and I still have towels to fold. Tried to work on props for a bit, but I'm lacking some materials, mainly duct tape, felt, and some adhesive, also I'm a little tired. Drinking a protein shake, maybe I can get some energy back so I can concentrate on a few more tasks before I head to bed.

10:25 AM 9/4/2010
Little late start to the day. Slept in for a bit. Making breakfast now.

12:47 PM 9/4/2010
Working on props. Scrounging the several boxes and containers for the right materials. Surely I have enough in here to finish something today. In a bit. I get to work on the Werewolf.

8:00 PM 9/4/2010
Almost done building the Vampire Killing Kit Prop. Lacks a few items in my opinion. Going to work out in an hour. Then try to catch up online before diving into the Werewolf costume.

3:30 PM 9/5/2010
Babysat my nephew for a few hours, played cards, hangman, went outside and played catch as well as a game we like to call "Pass the Rock". That had me laughing quite hard. Now I'm catching up on emails. Later I may be able to work on the Werewolf. Right now, heading out with the wife, get some food, do some grocery shopping, and possibly pick up some more prop materials.

7:45 PM 9/5/2010
Had fun heading out with the wife. Groceries and what not. Now I am anxious to get to work on props as I hae duct tape to play with.

4:52 PM 9/6/2010
Finished up the Vampire Killing Kit. It could use a few more tweaks, but it's camera ready for the most part. Started work on the Basket for Redd. All it's lacking are a few more weapons and several hand guns. Built the frame for Redd's final weapon and I'm about to get into the Werewolf body. Right now I'm enjoying a bit of The Office marathon on TBS with the Wifey.

7:00 AM 9/7/2010
Breakfast, then I have to head out for errands and meet up with a client for a couple of hours.

3:44 PM 9/7/2010
Had a great meeting with a client today. Ran some errands, had lunch at Hero House, got some groceries, and now I'm back on prop duty.

1:03 AM 9/8/2010
Had a very tasty italian take out dinner with the wife from Mario's. Worked on props the rest of the night. Worked out, had a protein shake, while I watched some TV. Monique had Chubb Rock on. That totaly brought me back to High School. Letterman had Katie Holmes on, who I was rather surprised to see how she's totally grown to be so smokin hot. They showed a clip from a movie that she's starring in with Anna Paquin. I thought I was going to explode seeing those two in a scene together. But I digress. My arms feel like jello. I'm heading to bed. I'm expecting a package tomorrow.

11:06 AM 9/8/2010
Canon T2i has arrived.

5:36 PM 9/8/2010
More grocery shopping, laundry, client projects, and research, of course I have no time to play with the new cam. LOL. However in my research I found this bit of trivia:
After meeting the late Superman (1978) star Christopher Reeve at the 1979 Academy Awards, Wayne turned to Cary Grant and said, "This is our new man. He's taking over."
I think that's awesome. I've got a meatloaf in the oven and need to start on brussels sprouts soon.

1:06 PM 9/9/2010
Built a DIY slider. Total cost $17 and change. So far it works very well. Just saw the trapped Chilean Miners are able to watch soccer. Glad they are not only surviving, but doing very well. My prayers to them, as well as anyone suffering from the Colorado fires and the freak storms in my beloved DFW, Texas. I'm pulling for everyone. Literally.

2:31 AM 9/10/2010
Going to bed a little late tonight. Today was spent completing and modifying the DIY Slider, working on the REDD Gun Prop, and the usual, cleaning, and laundry. Went for a nice walk later in the evening with the wife. Tomorrow I'm back on test footage with the T2i, the Slider, as well as looking over client footage and finishing up some client's projects.

11:10 AM 9/10/2010
Got up round 9. Started working on client projects, looking for a decent embeded video player. Had brunch, now I'm doing that whole multi tasking thing.

6:36 PM 9/10/2010
Spent some time at the Spirit Halloween Store shooting with the T2i. It was major fun. I'll be returning every week.