Monday, July 27, 2009


First off I'd like to congratulate April Crum. She is officially cast as the VAMPIRE HUNTER JADE in the feature film Bobby's Closet. She is also a very talented artist, and we'll be utilizing her talents in that regard as well. This movie is going to require alot of artwork, fake movie posters, faux comic books, etc.

I'm quite anxious to talk about Bobby's Closet. Many people have messaged me about it. I know I haven't explained too much about the plot, and I'm glad so many of you are curious to know what this feature is about, and what it is I've been writing. I'm working on a VLOG that I hope to finish soon.

This Vlog will hopefully not only fill you on the plot, but the look and feel I'm going for. In preparation for it, I've been watching and listening to Back To The Future and it's sound track. Although Bobby's Closet could be classified as horror, and does contain monsters, I want it to have that magic that Back To The Future had. Also BTTF had that complex classification. Sure it's a comedy, but there are strong elements of Sci-Fi and suspense. Those last 15 minutes always keep me on the edge of my seat. And boy what a cool ending. Bobby's Closet is also a comedy, with strong elements of sci-fi and horror and adventure that will hopefully keep you on the edge of your seat.

There was that specific feel from a lot of those movies from back then, The Goonies, Close Encounters, Raiders, Ghostbusters, etc. They all had this charm, this essence, this kind of Magic. Movies nowadays are still magical, of course, but back then movies really made me feel like anything was possible. I'm sure it's mainly because I was an impressionable kid, and much of this is about nostalgia. But I think that's what it kind of comes back to. We end up spending much of our adult lives trying to recapture and relive our childhoods. Why? Because I think we miss that feeling we knew before we grew up. That feeling that told us that anything was possible, and magic was real.

I believe that anything is possible. That the happiest, grandest, most magical visions are yet to be experienced. Movies make me feel that way, and I want to make movies that make you feel that way too. That's exactly what I'm going to do with Bobby's Closet.