Monday, September 14, 2009

Death Of Auto-Tune and the Birth of Great Music

I love music. I love when different styles of music collide. I'm always a big fan of when an orchestra or symphony can be added to any type of pop, rock, or hip-hop song. I also love when someone can take one type of song and reinterpret into something else, not just covering a song, but transforming and therefore enhancing a song. Among the gazillions of covers and remixes out there it happens rarely, but when it does it's amazing.

Here's an example of such a transformation and enhancement. This blows my mind and I listen to it often. This is Obadiah Parker (aka Matt Weddle) doing an amazing cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya."

The greatness of the original song is that the sound and tempo make the lyrics ironic. In this cover, the heavy meaning of the words come out, but then at the end the irony returns when he starts performing the audience call outs with the same deep sound. But that's just my observation. Aside from that, it's a really great cover. Be sure to check out

I absolutely love all the music coming out of TRUE BLOOD. I haven't gotten a chance to really get into the show like my wife has, but I have had the pleasure of listening to most of the music. This particular song is awesome on so many levels. G-Tom Mac covering "Cry Little Sister."

I love the Lost Boys reference and I love that this particular song has made a comeback on a great show about Vampires. I'm fond of that bluesy country sound and it fits this song so well. A new take on a classic and at the same time brings out the essence of the song.

And while I'm posting great music, might as well throw in the song I've been playing to death. I've already posted it once and I even used in the Archangel teaser. Elbow's "Grounds For Divorce" with the BBC Orchestra.

And here's the whole reason I was posting in the first place. Jay-Z's 9/11 tribute concert this past Friday was phenomenal. I wish I could've been there. From what I've read, and what I've seen, I heard it was an amazing concert and a heartwarming tribute. But this performance in general blew my mind. There were a number of stars that came out to perform with J, but when John Mayer came out to jam with J, I felt like it went up a whole other level.

This is an amazing combination of Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock and Blues, all styles I absolutely love. Jay is an amazing rapper, and Mayer is an amazing guitarist. This sound is so big, it blows my mind everytime. Love this one.

As if I didn't already love Death Of Auto-Tune. Great song, now even greater.

I really miss being able to take the time to really sit down and make music. Here lately it's been on the fly, recording stuff for projects and ads when necessary. Not the same as taking the time to really create, produce, and record something from the heart. I'm hoping I can get to do that soon. I've got 4 notebooks filled with lyrics and songs I've written since about 1995. There's a couple of songs in there I've been dying to really record for a while now.

One step at a time though. Coming up the Vlogs, quite a few of them. No really this time. I'm editing one for Bobby's Closet as we speak, then one as an update on all the projects, and another as a response to a lot of questions I've been getting concerning my DIY Necronomicon video I made last year.