Thursday, September 8, 2011

Showing Up

Here's the latest clip from REDD. This is some of the footage we shot September 3rd. It was our first day working with Alethea Delmage. She's pretty bad ass, and will fit in quite nicely with the rest of the regulars, which, eventually I'll get together some day.

Honestly, I had to scramble to my plan B, as some folks (quite a few actually) did not show up. But as I've been doing this a while, I normally have a plan B, C, D, E, F, G, in place. I mean I'd probably get alot more done if I could just stick to plan A, but hey, this is what happens when you're no budget and you can't pay people.  That's the only thing that complicates any of my productions. If people could just show up, we could make something that people would say "Wow that was amazing" instead of "That was pretty good for no-budget".

But I digress.

As I said previously, September is all about these two ads I need to shoot as well as my contributions to the LOST ZOMBIES project. I have to get all that done in the next two weeks. But I may dare to squeeze in a Monster Cops shoot. Maybe.

Feel free to check out the new pics posted over at REDD. Some really great ones of Alethea Delmage. I really cannot wait to get the rest of her scenes done. It's going to be amazing. Now, if we can just get April back in from school, all will be well.


I was supposed to go to sleep a few hours ago. But as usual, something happens to keep me wide awake. Two things.

1. Nike may very well be making an announcement about a certain shoe many Back To The Future fans may be interested in.

Thanks to Mark Wilson for posting this on G+. This teaser just kills me.

My mind is blown at the possibility of these shoes being real. Next up, Hover-board please!

2. Monster Cops

I swore I wouldn't talk about it, blog about it, express it in any way, but I've seen a few posts online and her a few podcasts talking about comparisons between MTV's Death Valley and Monster Cops.

It's got me riled up.

And not because I'm angry at MTV. In actuality, I'm not angry at anyone for any reason. Seems like plenty of people are angry on my behalf.  Alot of folks seem to think that MTV stole from me and have completely ripped off Monster Cops. And I've gotten MANY messages from people telling me so.

First of all, I'm happy there are alot of people out there who love Monster Cops. I think that's great that there are alot of folks out there willing to be pissed on my behalf. But the truth is, I don't really care about MTV's Death Valley. And if they stole from me, I really don't care about that either.

People keep telling me to sue them, but they haven't done anything illegal. The concept is similar (and actually alot of the scenes and clips somewhat resemble the first Monster Cops movie The Midnight Special), but legally they've done nothing wrong. You can sue someone over an idea. Any copyright lawyer will tell you that.

What I'm riled up about is that I know what I see for Monster Cops. I don't even actually see it as a web series. I have a very specific vision about what Monster Cops is and what it can be, and I'm anxious to get that vision out to you.

Lord, how many times have I blogged about how passionate I am about writing these Monster Cops episodes? If you track back a few years on this blog, you'll read about it over and over. Me WHINING again and again, about what it is I have in my head, and how I dream of getting that out to the masses, and about how if I can just get one episode right, even on the minimal budget we have, and get it out to the proper audience, it would be a hit.

And when I say hit, I'm not talking about making money. I'm talking about people actually being able to see it for free online, and sending me messages that tell me that they got it. They got the plot, they got what the episode was trying to say, and they got to feel exactly how I was hoping they would feel. They would laugh, be thrilled, be creeped out, and even cry.

I'm just so very anxious to get out more than the two episodes that are already out there. I'll be happy if I can get the full 6 episodes online and have the word spread that if they go to MONSTERCOPS.COM they could watch a fun series, filled with action and horror, excitement and comedy, and be surprised by the fact you also get a solid character driven drama to go along with that.

For the rest of September I have to work on Ads and Commercial work. Production on Redd and Monster Cops will be on hold until October. I'm anxious for October to get here, so I can get to work on that vision.

I have no idea who reads this, or if anyone at all is reading this. But if you do, and if you've got sometime, do me a favor, check out my series Monster Cops as well as the feature I'm working on, REDD. And if you like what you see, please, please, please, tell someone.

REDD will be do out next year. Check out and tell people about that website REDDMOVIE.COM

And check out and tell people about MONSTERCOPS.COM

Let em know that there are 2 episodes up, each about 20 minutes, and there will be at least 4 more episodes coming soon. They're free to watch, you can even download em, copy and sell em on DVD and keep the money. I don't even care about making any money from Monster Cops. I just want to make these 6 episodes the best that I can, and get it out to as many people to see as humanly possible. Who doesn't love free entertainment right?

I've been working on Monster Cops for so long. I really feel like it's time I finally got my vision for it out there.