Friday, August 10, 2012

Screenwriting. Some Quick Notes.

For Rufel.

Use this to better understand the format:

Get some screenwriting software. My weapon of choice is Final Draft cuz it's amazing:

Read books by William Froug and Syd Field to start.

Read several already produced screenplays.

That should get ya going. :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm on my own mission

When you declare to the Universe. When you make your statement about what it is you intend on doing. It's like clockwork that everything that is the opposite of what you're goal is comes into your path. It's necessary. It's the darkness that serves to better outline and define your light.

After all, you can't paint a pretty picture without using dark and contrasting colors.

So when I make my statement, when I declare what it is I'm going to accomplish, and when those inevitable opposites make their way to me, I find that there is almost always an example of inspiration within my sight.

Tonight NASA is headed to Mars. A rover is making it's way to the Red Planet right now. It's a great scientific feat and a quest to for answers about the secrets of Mars and to find possible signs of life. It's a historic event planned and operated by some of the greatest and most ambitious scientific minds in the world. I'm honored to have this occur in my lifetime.

Meanwhile there is a small island where the world's greatest athletes have gathered to compete to the best of there abilities, represent their country, and carry on the tradition of the Olympians. There are great and touching stories of struggle and triumph. To watch an athlete fight their way to the top and win that medal makes me proud to be a human.

It's these events that brighten me. It helps solidify the belief I've always held. As human beings, as strong spirits, as creatures of heart and action, we can and will do anything we set our minds to. Great minds and great bodies are at work achieving greatness and all it says to me is that I can achieve as well.

And so I set out to accomplish my own goals. Right now I'm on my own mission through space. I'm in a marathon racing towards my own gold medal. And I will not quit til I have achieved that greatness. And soon.