Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm so tired

I'm just so beat up and worn out, and I feel like I've only moved a few inches in what I needed to do today.

Continuing down that path of trying to raise money. And I am beat up today. And I don't think I need to be as tired as I am, it really doesn't feel like I've done enough today today to warrant being as tired as I am.

I had to delete and then rebuild it. It was the only way I could fix this particular web design issue I was having. Having to re-install codes, redo the colors, the text, etc. I guess that could be very tedious, and probably did take alot out of me.

So the good news is that Kickstarter has approved Monster Cops.

Kickstarter helps projects get funding through donations. They let you set up a page where you can set a dollar amount goal (in our case $4000) ask for donations, and reward donors for contributing. Like so many other sites, like IndieGoGo and Fundable, you try to get to your amount goal in a set number of days, and if you don't reach it, you get no money.

The difference between Kickstarter and the other sites, is that Kickstarter seems to have grown more and more popular. They're being picky about which projects they approve, so just getting approved seems to be a big deal to some folks. They initially rejected my feature film CREEP. But they approved Monster Cops, probably for the same reasons I've decided to pursue a Monster Cops DVD, because it's gotten good reviews, and it's got somewhat of a following.

Kickstarter has become my back up plan. Still pursuing investors and sponsors, because I'd love to produce a total of 8 episodes, but if all of that falls through, then I can at least produce 3 more episodes with the money I can raise through Kickstarter.

I've got 30 days to raise $4,000. I hope I can do it. And it would be great if I can also get investors and sponsors on board as well. If that happens it's going to be a great Fall and Winter for Monster Cops. You'll hear about the Monster Cops Series 1 DVD everywhere.

I've got everything set with Kickstarter. The rewards are set, the target amount, the date. Just one more thing I need to do, and it feels like I've been trying to do it all day. I need to shoot a "pitch video". Right now if you go to the page, you'll see the Monster Cops Trailer, but I need to replace that with a video of me pitching the project to you. I think it will be more effective and make the project much more personal.

I'm so anxious to get it shot, and I just don't have the energy to do it right now. It's getting late, I'm getting more and more tired, and I'm just going to have to take a whack at this thing in the morning. Then I can spread the word about it, everywhere.

Here's the widget for our Kickstarter page.

I know I haven't completely started spreading the word, and I need to make the pitch video, but I'm anxious to see even just a dollar contributed tomorrow. We'll get the ball rolling soon enough. June will be here before you know it.