Friday, June 18, 2010

The Giant Ball Of Foil (Pics and Video)

So here it is.

The Giant Ball Of Foil.

I was hoping it would be bigger, but hey, I could only afford so much foil. But I WILL continue to add to it. Eventually I'd like to have a Foil Ball big enough to reenact the boulder scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Again, special thanks to Molly Bendall (mo11ymonkey) for retweeting it to PeeWee Herman (peeweeherman) who then retweeted it and posted it on Facebook. It was kind of neat that happened. Ah the power of the interwebs.

Could I look any stupider. Yes I probably could.

And now the Video Blog of how the Ball Evolved.

I Totally

just got re-tweeted by Pee Wee Herman. Special thanks to mo11ymonkey for re-tweeting me first.

All because I stated I was going to make a huge ball of foil. Which I actually am. It's for an ad. Which I hope goes over well, but hey, it's kinda all I got right now. So again, do what you can.

Alright, continuing the list, house cleaning, editing, re-writes, running errands, and the such.

Perhaps there will be a real blog later.

How're They Gonna Get Out of This Bucket of Syrup?

I am going to bed now. And when I wake up, I will finish the rest of my to do list from today.  Also, I will figure out where this $100 will come from.  What $100 you ask? Why the $100 dollars I didn't realize that I needed before next wed in order to get all the materials and pay the fees I need to pay to get Monster Cops to the New York TV Fest.  The fee is $50. Which I have part of, but as I need to make 5 DVD copies and a couple of data discs with some press materials, I realize I don't have enough disks. So I need to scrounge up the money to get said disks. And lets not even talk about packaging and shipping. I swear these things add up. The money I am getting will not be coming til well after I need to send this stuff off. So the curse of the NYTVF may strike again. Seems like every year it's something. Like fate will not allow me to submit and or screen there.

Hmm. I will figure something out. Hopefully we can get more pledges in and I can cover these costs.  Thank you to those backers who have pledged so far. It has been a huge help. I was able to get transferred and paid for, and hopefully soon this means we can move to a better (or at least temporary) server, with way less problems.

We'll see what happens. Good night and good luck.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As I Wait For My Re-Intergration

My iTunes just started playing Skunk Anansie "Selling Jesus." It's a song off the soundtrack for the movie Strange Days. I played that soundtrack to death back in the mid nineties. Strange Days was a movie not everyone liked, but totally knocked me out. I loved it. It became a prime example of the kind of movie I was trying to model after. It's a movie you can't really put your finger on. Is it SciFi, is it Action, is it a Thriller, is it a social commentary on race as well as technology? It's a movie that qualifies for all of the above. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow from a story by James Cameron and a script by James Cameron and Jay Cocks. It obviously has that Cameron complexity that I love so much. It's never just one thing with him. It's gotta have equal parts thrills, technology, and romance, all wrapped up in an action plot. And with Kathryn Bigelow at the helm, it was bound to be an amazing ride.

A great cast with some great performances. Ralph Fiennes does well as our hero, and Angela Basset is just a total bad ass in this movie. I will say that if you're not in the right mind set, you may not like it. It does have something to say about race and social problems in general, but for me it really adds to the tension of the movie. It gives you the extra layer of depth, and enhances the big finish. The tension totally put me on edge, as I wasn't sure how this movie was going to have a happy ending.

This movie blew me away. It made me excited to write, because this movie was an example of something a little bit different at the time but still had a bit of that detective noir mixed in with a not so futuristic setting. Like Blade Runner on speed mixed with a little crystal meth. This movie comes to mind because of recent scripts of mine I keep coming back to. Right now I'm juggling so much and I needed to think of something to shock me back into the right frame of mind. It's been a heck of a week.

The first time I saw this trailer it blew me out of the water. I distinctly remember watching this for the first time in the theater and just being in awe. It really made me want to just fuckin jump out of my seat and go make a goddamn movie! As a matter of fact I did. It was called Vampire Killer, but that's another story.

Goddamn this trailer blows my mind. I watched it every chance I got back then on VHS tapes, and I do so now, thanks to YouTube.

Strange Days (Long Trailer)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bigger Than My Body

Nothing else to do but move forward.

Aside from a few side adventures today (Being sidetracked by a power outtage, and later the ongoing coverage from E3, some exciting stuff) I tread forward. With what must be done.

I've been assured by our make up artist that the supplies for the fx work for the big baddy in our next Monster Cops episode has been secured. I also am putting some production in motion with a second unit to get some B-Roll shots. And I'm laying down the layers for the new episode in the editing timeline in Vegas. The big plan, even without the major money, is to get the next 2 episodes done and possibly 3 so we have at least 4 to 5 episodes on this DVD we will put out in the fall.

I've also been in contact with a few theaters to hold some local (all over the triad, NC) screenings, still waiting on info from one more theater. We'll have AT LEAST one local screening near Winston Salem, NC.

Already got one backer in for IndieGoGo. If we can get a few more in then I won't really have to worry about the domain name disappearing in the next few weeks, and I can cover the cost to submit to the New York TV Fest. I would love to finally screen a Monster Cops episode there. Especially Monsters Vs. Cops, I think it would go over well with a big TV going crowd.

My main concern right now, other than money, is producing something a little more accessible with Monster Cops. Meaning, I know that if you see a video is around 20 minutes on the internet, you're bound to pass it up. If you really do want to watch this video, you have to make time for it, and you run the risk of forgetting.

Monsters Vs. Cops is 21 minutes long. Either you already like Monster Cops, or you're already looking for something long form to watch. If not, we lose you. Because with all the crap out there, 21 minutes is alot to ask of your normal internet goer. It's the reason I decided to do Minisodes, but the Minisodes are "cute" and are not a true representation of what Monster Cops is.

The key here is to, of course, create something that is so entertaining and epic that people will want to watch it. But at the same time, make it convenient for people to watch time wise. Yes, I'm talking about the very essence of the "Viral Video." We have yet to create any such videos and I feel Monster Cops lends itself to that very essence, or at the very least, has that potential, if we hit it right. I actually tested this theory with this upload.

I cheated a bit with that video. I placed the words "REAL" next to "WEREWOLF" just to see if it would at least get people to watch the whole clip. Which it did. 1 year later 112,000 views. This picked up in the last year since the topic of Werewolves had increased in popularity. Seems to have picked up quite a bit just in the last few months as well. And please see the comments on that upload. Very entertaining stuff.

The point is, I know there are alot of people who know and like Monster Cops, but I'm also aware that many of those people haven't taken the time to watch our episodes, mainly because they're just too damned long. So we have to make better quality Minisodes at less than 5 minutes, and make them true to the essence of Monster Cops. Comedy of course, but more Horror, more Monsters, more outrageousness. This will hopefully lead them to want to watch our other content.

So that's sort of the plan for Dead By Dawn. The episode itself is 17 minutes. But we'll do a 4 minute version to circulate. As I said at the top, I'm already moving on that. I'm also looking at 3 plots that would make better Minisodes. Alot of work to do, and I only hope we can get more pledges in. The more money, of course, the better chance we have of completing all this during the summer.

Working on that Teddy Bear ad was a tease. I know what I saw in my head, and I like what I had created, but in the end it still is just a "cute" little commercial. I think it's very much a case of "what I see in my head is bigger than the tools I have", but this is no one elses problem but mine. There is a part of me, that knows I can create some really great stuff with what I have. I know, I know, I've heard it before "But Patrick you've already created some great stuff with what you have." Yes, I know, but when I say GREAT, it's not anything I can really explain to you. The GREAT in my head is bigger than anything I've made or could ever convey with words. I have to show it to you.

I'm just looking forward to really showing you these stories. My body can barely catch up with my brain sometimes. Somehow, I'll find a way to get there. Right now I can only do what I've always done, do the best with what I've got.

Back to editing. I've got some possible ad assignments to consider. And I've got Vlogs to shoot.

A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction?
--Wes Craven
Plog: power outtage, bacon, lists, and a time for contemplation.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's too cerebral! We're trying to make a movie here, not a film!

To be introverted or not to be introverted. That is the question. I mean, we all are naturally, but I feel maybe I've not been taking enough responsibility in my own actions. Maybe that's why funding is failing. Maybe it's supposed to.

Don't mind me, I'm just being an Emo Moviemaker. A little down about fundraising, sure, but more down about not being able to create, well, ya know MOVIES! Something cinematic. Something really great.

I'll keep trying. The best way I can. And that's all you can do.

"Do or do not, there is no try."

Yes Master Yoda, but sometimes, trying is all you can do.

I hate this. I don't like that feeling of coulda, shoulda, woulda. It happens when you're trying to make something out of nothing. You look back on things and wonder what else you could be doing. What else you could have done or would have done.

It's time to look long and hard at the possiblity that no one is going to give you money. But we try anyhow. And you keep trying. And while you're trying to do that, you try to do everything else as well.

For example, my latest ad for Poptent. A commercial for the Nokia Nuron.

I went down the normal laundry list of ideas. Comical, cute, irreverent, or perhaps straightforward and general. All while trying to convey the information the brand wants to broadcast about their project.

Doing many skits, and viral vids, I had immediately come up with several ideas, some of them doable, some of them good, but none of them that click. And when I say click, I mean that click you here when art connects with storytelling, and when the visceral connects with intellectual to create something truly tangible (am I being too cerebral?).

In other words I wanted something that gave me an AHA moment. And I had come up with something that was almost there. But I was holding back. Mainly because in my mind I was separating my ad work from my true creations. It's like there are unseen lines categorizing what I make. The ads are what I make for other people, everything else is geared toward me true goal, to make something truly cinematic, something with gravitas and depth.

And then it finally dawned on me. I was being STUPID. Why am I categorizing? Why have I unconsciously drawn these lines to box in what I was trying to do? There is no difference between my stuff and their stuff. Instead of whining about how I wish I could make something cinematic, why don I just do it. Who cares if it's for another company.

I know it should have been obvious. But sometimes you get wound up in things, I had alot to juggle, and I started organizing my brain, when it didn't need organization. So instead of just making an "AD" let me try to tell a story, and attempt to do it in a cinematic fashion.

Below is the ad I came up with. Went through a couple of versions, but this is the one I'm satisfied with the most.

Maybe when you watch it you only see a cute video using a couple of stuffed animals. But I'm very proud of it. It was an honest attempt to convey a plot cinematically. Which is to say create a story with images and sound. Not just some simple set up a camera and shoot something funny, but a genuine mini-movie about one character looking for something and finding it.

I took great pains to achieve it. I wanted to convey a somewhat Sci-Fi tone, especially with the lighting. Very much in the vein of Amazing Stories or Close Encounters. And then go into that playful child like feel and end on a fairy tale happy ending.

The bears were old props I've had for 10 years. Used for another project, I dug em out of the old prop box. It all seemed to click. Especially with the music. I used an old track I wrote years ago for another project called "Halloweenland". That score I was very proud of when I had created it, and it matched this concept perfectly.

Doing this ad made me excited to do my feature Bobby's Closet. My little sci-fi adventure monster movie that's very much a nod to the 80's adventure flicks. That's going to require a much bigger budget, around $80,000 at the least. Hopefully when I get to it, I'll be able to have a higher budget and really take off with it.

Until then, I'll create my little cinematic moments in everything I do and whenever I can. Perhaps it'll eventually get me the funding I need.

Speaking of funding. Our time at Kickstarter has ended. We did not reach our target goal, which means we did not getting our funding, but it was fun, and we did get the word out to a few more people about Monster Cops. No regrets there. But as I said before, we have to keep trying.

So please take a look at our IndieGoGo page. It's just like Kickstarter but we actually get to keep the pledges even if we don't reach our goal. So this is me officially saying we're putting out a DVD this Fall. Click the widget below, make a pledge and you will get a reward for it whether it be producer credits, t-shirts, or a DVD.

Thank you so much to those that did back us on Kickstarter. It means alot to know we have your support. THANK YOU.

Off I go to make something cinematical. And no excuses, no time for being down anymore, you want to make something really great, with depth, with true AHA moments? Then just go and do it. Then show it to people. Show it to everyone.  And yes the coulda, shoulda, woulda, moments will come and go, but the best remedy for that is DO something, and when you can't do something, you can at least TRY.  Cuz if you don't try, then you'll end up with a whole lotta nothing.

If you want to make movies, then make movies. If you are a moviemaker then remember, don't just make movies, make movies everywhere and every chance you get. I don't care if you're just cutting together a car commercial or shooting your cousin's Bar Mitzvah, make it a movie.

Betsy? It's now or never. We are gonna make a movie.
- Bowfinger