Friday, June 18, 2010

The Giant Ball Of Foil (Pics and Video)

So here it is.

The Giant Ball Of Foil.

I was hoping it would be bigger, but hey, I could only afford so much foil. But I WILL continue to add to it. Eventually I'd like to have a Foil Ball big enough to reenact the boulder scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Again, special thanks to Molly Bendall (mo11ymonkey) for retweeting it to PeeWee Herman (peeweeherman) who then retweeted it and posted it on Facebook. It was kind of neat that happened. Ah the power of the interwebs.

Could I look any stupider. Yes I probably could.

And now the Video Blog of how the Ball Evolved.


  1. buy foil at the dollar store - much cheaper that way!

  2. Use recycled foil!

  3. I'm a huge Pee Wee fan, so appreciate that aspect, but it is such a HUGE waste! : ( I hope it at least gets recycled when you're done...

  4. I didn't even realize it, but the majority of it is recycled foil. I will be sure to use that if I add more on to it. And will be using this in a bunch of different ways, but rest assured if I ever need to get rid of it, I will recycle it, absolutely. :D

    Thanks for all the comments guys. Next I may make some ice cream soup.

  5. Mom must be so proud...follow your dreams!!