Friday, June 18, 2010

I Totally

just got re-tweeted by Pee Wee Herman. Special thanks to mo11ymonkey for re-tweeting me first.

All because I stated I was going to make a huge ball of foil. Which I actually am. It's for an ad. Which I hope goes over well, but hey, it's kinda all I got right now. So again, do what you can.

Alright, continuing the list, house cleaning, editing, re-writes, running errands, and the such.

Perhaps there will be a real blog later.


  1. DUDE. I saw that and didn't realize YOU were the Patrick he was RTing. And then I went back and looked, and two of my real-life friends (who don't know you, another real life friend) plus Santino Rice (Project Runway) "liked" that status.

    This is totally blowing my mind. Surreal.

  2. It's entirely too cool! Twitter, so powerful.