Friday, June 18, 2010

How're They Gonna Get Out of This Bucket of Syrup?

I am going to bed now. And when I wake up, I will finish the rest of my to do list from today.  Also, I will figure out where this $100 will come from.  What $100 you ask? Why the $100 dollars I didn't realize that I needed before next wed in order to get all the materials and pay the fees I need to pay to get Monster Cops to the New York TV Fest.  The fee is $50. Which I have part of, but as I need to make 5 DVD copies and a couple of data discs with some press materials, I realize I don't have enough disks. So I need to scrounge up the money to get said disks. And lets not even talk about packaging and shipping. I swear these things add up. The money I am getting will not be coming til well after I need to send this stuff off. So the curse of the NYTVF may strike again. Seems like every year it's something. Like fate will not allow me to submit and or screen there.

Hmm. I will figure something out. Hopefully we can get more pledges in and I can cover these costs.  Thank you to those backers who have pledged so far. It has been a huge help. I was able to get transferred and paid for, and hopefully soon this means we can move to a better (or at least temporary) server, with way less problems.

We'll see what happens. Good night and good luck.

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