Sunday, October 11, 2009


Can't sleep. Currently on my wife's laptop while QVC's Halloween Spooktacular is on. I love that they're selling Halloween items. I'm really getting a kick out of the 5' Hanging Motion Activated Kicking Scare Crow. It's an evil pumpkin face on top of a scarecrow's body. It's leg's flail and it's eyes light up when you walk in front of it. Neat.

If our budget would allow it, I know Juli and I would buy every single Halloween item we saw.

On QVC, a guy in a giant monster monkey outfit just walked on to the set, has played with the scarecrow, and has now left. Weird.

Anyhoo. Juli and I love Halloween. Currently our bedroom is adorned with a string of pumpkin lights across our wall, and 6 different Halloween candle holders sit across the stand in front of our TV.

On QVC, an evil pirate man has now joined the monster monkey and they are now dancing. Ah, I see, this is apparently a new item they are now selling. Halloween Masks with Hat and Hair. I see a creepy pirate with a pirate hat and hair, and the monkey mask also has hair and is wearing a clown hat. I could very well be hallucinating all this.

Anyways. I cannot fully express my love for Halloween. Those that know me know how much I love it, and I love that Juli loves it just as much as I do. The other night we finally got to watch Trick r' Treat. Had the candles lit and everything. It was actually quite a neat site to see those lit up pumpkins and haunted houses in front of the TV as the opening credits rolled.

Trick r' Treat is not only a great Halloween movie, it's just an overall great movie. Well directed, well written, great performances, and very intriguing. It really does capture that Halloween spirit. It does indeed lean towards the eerie and demented. Although I was able to pick up on alot of the twists, there were a few moments I just was not expecting.

I may give a full review later, but for now I'll say it was a great experience to watch a movie that celebrated one of my favorite holidays. And it was quite refreshing to watch an original horror movie, and not one that's a reboot or a remake. Warner Bros. decided not to release this one in theaters a couple of years ago. Huge mistake in my opinion.

On QVC, 6' Animated Witches Airblown w/ Candy Dish Cauldron. It's a huge air filled prop of 3 cartoonish looking witches sitting around a cartoon cauldron. Their heads spin. Someone just unplugged it and they all collapsed. That looked kind of neat.

Anyway, it's sad that so many sequels and remakes get to theaters, and a great original movie like Trick r' Treat gets shelved for two years and then goes direct to DVD. Sad. Oh well, I am proud to own it. It now goes with my 3 other favorite Halloween movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas the original Halloween, and Sleepy Hollow.


MONSTER COPS - Finish and premiere the next episode online on Halloween or soon after. Complete 2 more episodes and as many webisodes as possible before February. Distribute a Monster Cops DVD early next year that includes all 4 episodes and about 13 webisodes altogether, as well as a ton of DVD extras, vlogs, gag reel, etc.

HALLOWEEN VIDEOS - There are two Halloween videos. One is called The Long Halloween, pretty much my way of celebrating and paying triute to the holiday. The other one is called The Halloween Machine. Been working on that one for years, got the music for it done and everything, but every year it gets canceled, because it is time consuming and somewhat of a large undertaking. We shall see.

REDD - This is a short film that I've been mulling over for a long while now. I've just recently decided that it needs to be pursued fully. I'm trying to figure out how we can do this. If I can do it the way I see it in my head, it'll be mind blowing.

BOBBY'S CLOSET - It's in preproduction. I'm hoping we can shoot this by spring of next year. Still in the fund-raising stage. I hope to unveil the next part of our fund-raising strategy soon.

Ok, getting sleepy. QVC is back to selling clothes now anyhow.