Saturday, October 18, 2008

What else is a blog for ...

but to post randomly at 3:30 in the AM.

Once again, using the blog as a break from editing video. Currently working on the Necronomicon Tutorial which I hope those of you who have been searching for a DIY Propmaking solution for your very own Necronomicon will find handy. I'm trying to get down every single step possible, and cut it together in as short of form as possible.

Also have to cut together videos for Reorganize all the project folders for Monster Cops episodes, Archangel, and The Long Halloween. The Long Halloween is now the official title for this years Halloween Tribute Video. And I'm starting on the next prop on the list which is a giant mini-gun sorta kinda. It's a huge gun prop I've been working on in my head for months now, and then low and behold, here come the folks over at Indy Mogul putting up their very own video tutorial on making a mini (or gatling) gun. Here it is:

And here's the test film, as usual:

They came up with a few things I did not, so I shall be borrowing some of those techniques. We'll see how it turns out. Again, Indy Mogul kicks ass.

Back to editing the Necronomicon Tutorial. Plus I think it may be time for an actual Video Blog from me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Notes 101308

- I'm completely in love with Poptent.

- I'm completely in love with iGoogle.

- I have a strange fascination with these little chicken drumettes from Lowe's Foods.

- I'm having to reteach myself time management all over again.

- I regret not having more time to practice After Effects.

- I'm extremely proud of my latest prop creation, too bad I can't tell anyone about it, EVER.

- I'd very much like to finish and post the video tutorial on the creation of my DIY NECRONOMICON.

- I could've sworn it was spelt NECRINOMICON.

- I'm having the hardest time writing and really need to re-discipline myself in my own production techniques.

- I need to buy vampire fangs.

- I need another zombie day. Possibly even two.

- I think I'll feel better once I get these visual fx and mkx shots done.

- I REALLY love the 80's.

- I miss driving my Tahoe everyday, but don't miss having to constantly refill the gas tank.

- I'm loving LED flashlights.

- I'm using MOD-PODGE on everything, even on things that don't really need it.

- I'm going to build a Mini-Gun style prop weapon. No really, I AM GOING TO.

- I'm completely obsessed with flax oil peanut butter and natural strawberry jam sandwiches using double fiber bread. It completes my soul.

- I need to do more personal vlogs.

- Fundable.

- I'm praying for Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

- I think I'm just as excited about Quantum Of Solace as I was about The Dark Knight. No really.

- I'm really crushin on Alicia Keys right now.

- I miss the piano.

- Ya know, I'm going to buy me a new harmonica.

- If I can get 3 episodes of Monster Cops up before Christmas, I'll be happy.

- I'm so very anxious to put something else out on DVD.