Monday, October 13, 2008

Life Notes 101308

- I'm completely in love with Poptent.

- I'm completely in love with iGoogle.

- I have a strange fascination with these little chicken drumettes from Lowe's Foods.

- I'm having to reteach myself time management all over again.

- I regret not having more time to practice After Effects.

- I'm extremely proud of my latest prop creation, too bad I can't tell anyone about it, EVER.

- I'd very much like to finish and post the video tutorial on the creation of my DIY NECRONOMICON.

- I could've sworn it was spelt NECRINOMICON.

- I'm having the hardest time writing and really need to re-discipline myself in my own production techniques.

- I need to buy vampire fangs.

- I need another zombie day. Possibly even two.

- I think I'll feel better once I get these visual fx and mkx shots done.

- I REALLY love the 80's.

- I miss driving my Tahoe everyday, but don't miss having to constantly refill the gas tank.

- I'm loving LED flashlights.

- I'm using MOD-PODGE on everything, even on things that don't really need it.

- I'm going to build a Mini-Gun style prop weapon. No really, I AM GOING TO.

- I'm completely obsessed with flax oil peanut butter and natural strawberry jam sandwiches using double fiber bread. It completes my soul.

- I need to do more personal vlogs.

- Fundable.

- I'm praying for Broccoli and Cheese Soup.

- I think I'm just as excited about Quantum Of Solace as I was about The Dark Knight. No really.

- I'm really crushin on Alicia Keys right now.

- I miss the piano.

- Ya know, I'm going to buy me a new harmonica.

- If I can get 3 episodes of Monster Cops up before Christmas, I'll be happy.

- I'm so very anxious to put something else out on DVD.

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