Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soft Launch

I've started up a Kickstarter for REDD. I've launched it, but I have yet to really push the marketing for it. I wanted to get the ball rolling and have it out there before I was fully ready. But the next step is to put together a good pitch video for Kickstarter. A video that fully explains the movie, how it's going to be made, where it's going to go, and most importantly why it's important to give the project money.

Even though I'm setting donations as low as $1, you still need to convince people, get them excited. I don't want just their donations, I want their support. I want this movie to have fans. It's part of the reason I produced the first 4 minutes and the teaser. To give people a taste. Now it's time to really show people the movie, before I can even make the movie.

Hopefully I can get to that video tomorrow. I also hope to shoot a video blog and say hello to all the Facebook fans. We've gained a few in the past week, and it's a good idea to say hello, and really keep the freshness of the page up with new content.

Oooh, hold on, lemme check YouTube real quick.

Yup, we're at about 24,898 views. Not too bad for 3 weeks. And I've gotten alot of positive messages and feedback. So a good start, I think.

So here's a list of what I need to get done.

1) Make Kickstarter Pitch Video.
2) Make Video Blog for Redd.
3) Make a Video Blog for Monster Cops about Redd.
4) Personally message all my closest supporters about Kickstarter and hope to God they can donate at least $1.
5) Send out emails and press releases about Kickstarter.
6) Post on Facebook and Twitter.
7) Finish Concept Trailer and post it everywhere, especially on Blogger, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.
8) Push Kickstarter while at the sametime pursue offline funding. Dayjob, begging on the street, pawning everything, local sponsors, etc.
9) Complete Full Package. This means finish re-writes, get cast and crew, locations in place. Make sure everything is ready to go.

I wanna thank the fine folks over at Night Of The Living Podcast. They've been nice enough to talk about REDD and help get some buzz going. Check them out here:
They're a Horror Podcast and they are quite funny.

I posted the DIY Werewolf FX Tutorial at Instructables, in an attempt to get more attention to our YouTube vids for REDD.

Ok, I've got to sleep. Get up, run errands, work on a client's project, work on another project, then hopefully get to something on that list above.