Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting My Stuff Together

NOTE: Be careful what you're unconsciously pretending to be, because you just might become it.

So here's where I attempt to use my blog as a to do list. Perhaps if I blog about it, it will happen.

1) Continue to update MONSTERCOPS.COM upload new episode and a new minisode.

2) Prep Monster Cops Pilot for submission to Hitvidi.

3) Prep One Spartan Pilot for submission to Hitvidi.

4) Update CREEPMOVIE.NET with videos, blogs and vlogs.

5) Begin Crowdfunding at CREEPMOVIE.NET once you feel confident that you have enough material to express your vision for the movie CREEP and that the website does a good job of communicating this movie.

6) Finish Re-Writes for Creep.

7) Shoot first scene for Creep.

8) Finish doing Recon.

9) Pre-Production Concept on Secondary Show.

10) REDD

It's an exciting, strange, glorious, and scary time. Right now, anything can happen, one thing's for sure. I'm going for it. For real.

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