Friday, November 30, 2012

We will finish this

On behalf of the cast and crew of REDD we give our condolences to our lead actress April Crum and her family. Her mother Dian Crum has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Dian was sweet and wonderful and extremely supportive of April and this little movie we've been working on. She didn't hesitate to lend a hand behind and sometimes in front of the camera. She was an amazing and lovely person and she will be greatly missed.

Please send your condolences here:

Honestly. This is rather heartbreaking. There have been many ups and downs in making this movie. At the start of this production I had lost a friend in a car wreck and then later my brother Robert passed away. It's hard not to think of the people you've lost in your own life when someone else passes away. My heart is with April, her sister Crystal, and their Dad, Bill Crum, as well as all of the immediate family. It's an awful time right now that only adds to my own pain from my own loss.

But somehow you have to find the strength to move forward. You have to. I promised my brother I would finish this movie and now I do so with Dian in mind as well.

So we will indeed finish this.

And now for something a little less depressing. I bring you the newest REDD Production Vlog.  I was hesitant to upload this so soon after Dian's death, but Bill told me that working on this movie meant alot to her. Hearing that meant alot to me. So I post this silly goofy behind the scenes of recent work on REDD as sort of tribute to Dian.

Lines are dropped, people are goofy, and Chris does a great Bobcat Goldthwait.

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