Monday, August 20, 2012

In between

First of all. RIP Tony Scott.

When I heard the news it made me think of Ridley Scott. For a second I thought to myself "I can't imagine how he feels right now." I quickly realized I can imagine. I know what its like to lose a brother.

And that's how my day started.

I just want to disappear today, but I got shit to do.

I'm trying to be thankful and grateful as things could and have been worse.

I have to think about my friend Andrea. She's going through some medical issues. Going through the hell of waiting on doctors to tell her how bad things may or may not be. I feel for her, her husband and her kids. I truly hope all turns out well.

From that perspective, I've got it pretty good.

I'm in between right now but I foresee a day where I won't be and will never be again.

Alright. Back to work.

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