Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Picture Post Recap for 2012

It's been a roller coaster as always. Making this movie has been rough, sad, funny, and exciting all at once, and we're only really getting started. Production is only part of the journey in really making a movie. Some strange things have happened. Scary things. Ridiculous and funny moments abound all last year. Here now we shall re-cap some of those adventures in making this little sci-fi epic called REDD through the magic of posting what we like to call photos.

Thanks to the sale of a few ads on Poptent I was able to rent out a small studio space. Set up the green screen and all our DIY gear and we were able to get alot done in this space.

$40 of PVC pipe and I was able to put together an entire light kit. That PVC pipe has been used in a billion different ways since then.

Getting the crew together to knock out several scenes for REDD. This was Vampire Day.
More pics from Vampire Day below.

Sterling Bollinger in that gorgeous dress as one of the Vampires in REDD.

Natalie securing her fangs. I really love the Nosferatu (Don VanMeter) behind her getting his nails done.

Don VanMeter in full make up being applied by his wife and very talented artist Chana VanMeter.
Setting up and getting our fangs on.
Group shot. We knocked out shots for REDD, Monster Cops, and a fanfilm short that I'll probably never finish.
Joe Cox playing BLADE in a FanFilm that we started but have yet to finish.
The point was to get footage for me to test out some new fx on, so it served it's purpose and I learned alot.
I would love to actually finish the idea for this FanFilm.
Sean Ormond and Joe Cox in a nice fight we shot for that same FanFilm.

Stepping outside the studio. Shooting an Ad over at Northwoods Stables.

Shooting an Ad with Megan Reynolds and Amanda Elizabeth.
This sums up the attitude and goofy spirit on set when we shoot anything. A horse is usually involved somehow.

Shooting with Chris Plouffe and Amanda Elizabeth.
On set for the Breyers Ice Cream Ad.
The random crazy people we used for the Breyers Ice Cream Ad.
The best shot in the Ad. Bob the Dog posing for his close up.

April Crum in an Ad for ConAir. 

Jennifer Russoli and Matt Sara stare at nothing.
And now they're staring at something. Magic? (not really)
SNOW (Alethea Delmage) ready to fight.

A drawing from our very own April Crum in celebration of our successful Kickstarter campaign.

REDD in repair mode.
In another scene for REDD. Brooke Hamrick plays Annie.
From REDD, Rebecca Morris is Shannon.

Chris Plouffe in a gun cross.
Eve Butler as RICK.
The ridiculous extent we will go to create our fantasies.
New graphics for Monster Cops. I swear this is a series I will always go back to over and over.
I'll constantly be trying to make episodes for this thing.
We started work on new feature which is now titled Saturday Night Fright.

Danielle Motley about to knock out Chris Plouffe.

Danielle Motley and Amanda Elizabeth star in Saturday Night Fright.
One of my fav pics of the year. Kelly Emerson in her small role for Saturday Night Fright.

Shaun Holcomb joins in as one of our newest Monster Cops.

Sean Killebrew getting tactical.

Prepping for a breach.
Amanda Elizabeth getting killed as a Vamp.
Back on set with the old crew. Me, Chris Plouffe, Brandon White, and Danielle Motley.
My obsession with old school John Woo movies knows no bounds.

Alethea ready to shoot someone.

I swear if ever I do a romantic comedy I'll end up finding a way to put a gun cross in it.

April does her best Pebbles impression.

One of the many composite shots I'm doing in Hitfilm.
DVD Mockup. Can't wait to get these made.

One of our nifty shirts.

Poster A for REDD.
Amanda getting bloody.

Composite shot for REDD. U.S. Military Space Station.

Using the portable green screen in Kelly's living room.
Here we wrap up shooting Jennifer Russoli's scenes.

Jennifer Russoli as CARTER. Green screen footage after post work.

Sterling Bollinger all vamped out in this green screen composite shot for REDD.
Last day of shooting Richard Gaither's scenes.

Red cape. 2 guns.

I look forward to this new year. Wrapping up REDD and moving on to the next movie. I wonder what kind of amazing adventures we'll encounter this time around. Whatever they may be we'll make the very best of it and continue to work to make those dreams happen.

We're on Day 1 of the new year. Let's get busy living.

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