Monday, August 13, 2012

Saturday Night Special (Or something like that)

Yes, I've returned to this blog. I mean how could I stay away? I've been blogging on this thing forever. I'll still have a Tumblr, and I'll most likely cross post what I can from there, but for the most part I'll continue my blogging adventures in movie making on this very blog.

And speaking of movie making here's what's going down.

Status: Post Production
There are still scenes that need to be shot, and we're trying to coordinate with some of our cast and their schedules. So while we work out any scheduling conflicts there is ALOT to edit. Currently working on editing, Visual FX Editing, Sound Editing, etc.  Alot of work, and alot of wait and see as much of the VFX work takes alot of rendering time.  Like this scene which I posted for Kickstarter Backers only. Yes that's right, when you support us on Kickstarter you get special treatment and you get to see scenes before anyone else.  So suck it. Maybe in the future you'll make a pledge. ;) LOL.

Check out the rough cut of a scene our backers got to see first:

Working on lots more FX shots like that one. And that one still needs a better color correction as well as improved composite shots. That took 2 weeks to put together. Suffice it to say, I'm working my ass off on this one. I'm pushing my Hitfilm skills to the limit, but I am having fun and I can't wait to get this one done.

You may or may not have heard that I was also working on yet another feature film. This is true. I am.

Here's how it all went down.

I was working out details for what my next feature film would be after REDD. I was and still am working out the details with actress Carrie Anne Hunt on shooting a feature film next year, the title of which I will not reveal just yet. But you may already know it if you happen to catch a few hints on my Tumblr (like anyone is that interested in me.)

So that was the plan. But then I did start to entertain the idea of just knocking out a small feature film in between REDD and the next feature. As I was working on all the VFX for Redd, I was really thinking about doing a film that had no VFX at all. Just something simple, performance based, no special editing. Just shoot it, cut it, score it.  I mean that was kinda the point of REDD, but then my brain started to go "Hey how do I plus this Sci-Fi Horror Adventure movie?

But with this feature I'd actually stick to the idea of, "Keep It Simple Stupid". I was really looking at John Carpenter's Halloween for inspiration. Simple, creepy, a killer on the loose and characters acting and re-acting to the situation. No huge fx or explosions, just a simple and great flick.

But this feature idea was just going to remain in my brain. Then I got a phone call from my old friend and actress Danielle Motley who is currently in L.A.

It went something like this.

"I'm coming into town. Let's shoot something. Like REALLY shoot something."

I took that as a sign that we should knock this movie out. Danielle would serve as a producer as well as star. I pulled in Amanda Elizabeth to star along side Danielle and act as a second producer. And we went to to work on this thing.

Writing it went pretty quick as I already pretty much had the whole movie figured out, I knew how it started and how it would all end. I spent alot of time watching Halloween 1, 2, and 3. As well as the original Assault on Precinct 13. As I said, John Carpenter is very much my inspiration for the feel of this. I can't guarantee that it'll turn out like a Carpenter film, but that's how I'm shooting it.

In reality, this one's going to have a good amount of goofiness and comedy to it, but there are some gruesome murder scenes we'll be shooting.

We've spent the last week shooting a good chunk of this movie. We look to get it all in the can by mid September.

Here's the basic plot:
Two broke girls hatch a plan to capture a serial killer in order to collect the reward money, and find clues that may lead to a larger conspiracy.

This is my little twist on an 80's slasher flick. There are some very irreverent and quirky scenes. I took some typical 80's horror movie scenes and twisted them a little. I'm simply excited to have a flick that has minimal Computer VFX. Other than color correction and some minor compositing, this movie is pretty straightforward. The only FX we need to worry about are all on set. Real props, real weapons, real blood. Well, real fake blood. In other words no CG blood.

If all goes well, REDD will be completed by October and Saturday Night Special soon after. Enjoy a few of the pics from last weeks shoot.

Look! It's a Monster Cops reunion!

Apparently there are a couple of different movies (recent movies) that are titled Saturday Night Special. So off I go to find another title. Our producer Danielle Motley suggests "Saturday Night Fright." Hmm, maybe.

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