Monday, June 30, 2008

Weapons Training

Here are pics and freezes from the MKX 300 Weapons Training scene.

First a few action figure poses.

Agent Windows.

Agent Weir.

The Vampire Keels.

The Vampire Keels again.

The MKX weapon prop, nights before. I had just purchased some led tap lights and had glued them on using welder glue (amazing glue). The gun itself is a mix of Simply Orange bottles, gray cable, bolts and washers, great stuff, red and white led lights, and an old video camera, all spray painted with black and silver.

The fully finished weapons prop. Although I realize now that it was missing a few lights that day.

Getting ready to shoot the MKX 300 scene. Aaron Plouffe is our test zombie.

Weapons Training Graphic.


Nigel introducing the MKX Weapon.

Windows about to demonstrate the weapon on a test zombie.

The test zombie.

After the zombie has been killed.

The Vampire Keels.

The Vampire Fangs.

Holding the vampire back

The vampire in restraints as Windows explains how to kill a vampire.

The MKX 300 lcd screen.

The Vampire Keels hit with an MK 9mm Silver and Garlic Bullet

The Vampire Keels hitting the bloody wall.

Always follow up your bullet hit. Weir with the wooden stake. Windows with the sunlight emitter.


  1. Love all this new footage you've been posting. Can't wait to see the finished product, either.

    By the way, you're getting really good with the props. The MKX looks great. It actually looks like it has some weight to it.

  2. The props and effects are looking really good Patrick. I also really enjoy Andrew's guns. -Crystal ( I can't remember my blooger login).