Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Paper

I don't really believe in resolutions, but I guess the closest thing to a resolution for me for this year you would be to learn to make more things out of paper.

I've always loved Origami and paper crafts. I like the idea of making something out of next to nothing. Ya think paper and you think about how weak and easy to tear it is. So taking something like paper and making something substantial out of it really intrigues me. Everything from paper cranes to pop up books, I've always had a fascination with paper art and paper engineering.

Here are a few videos I made on how to create the 3 main things I usually end up making when I have napkins or a sheet of paper.

The Paper Rose / Napkin Rose

Paper Rose - video powered by Metacafe

Paper Stairs Part 1

Make Paper Stairs Part 1 - video powered by Metacafe

Paper Stairs Part 2

Paper Stairs Part 2 - video powered by Metacafe

I've got a Video Blog coming up on the creation of my pop up press kit for THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL.

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