Sunday, December 31, 2006

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten

New Years once again. I know I've changed alot over the past few years, but I'd have to say that I've probably changed the most this past year, and definitely in the past 6 months, and in ways I didn't know I could change. I've grown up alot, and that's saying alot, because I felt grown up before. My views on things that have always been static, are now turned around. Nothing too major. I don't believe much in Bigfoot anymore, I don't think the Lochness Monster exists, and I'm pretty sure Oswald acted alone. Shocking news to my fellow Conspiracy Theorists, I apologize. I still love the conspiracies, but I hold them in a different regard and are now mainly for my amusement.

The feelings I thought would never change have changed completely. The feelings I feared would change have only been strengthened. And with all that myself and this family have had to go through, with all the pain, and anguish, I find myself in awe of the power of Love and family. Ok, enough of that. That's really for another post and one I'm certainly not ready for just yet. What I'm really trying to get at is the idea that now more than ever, I'm ready to get back to work at making this new year even more productive then the last. So let's get to it.

As of right now I'm working on:

1) Zombie Episode of Monster Cops. 5 minutes.
2) Untitled Detective Short Film. 5 Minutes.
Which will supplement ...
3) Untitled Detective Screenplay.
4) Misc Vids and Shorts:
- Dinosaur Killers Episodes
- Video Blogs
- Metacafe Vids
- The Super Secret Project 1*
- The Super Secret Project 2
5) Vampire Episode of Monster Cops.
6) Continued Marketing of The Midnight Special.
7) M&(&#$ C@&%#*$ (which is still questionable)*

The zombie episode won't be a problem. I've got a quarter of the footage I need. The rest won't really be a problem to shoot as long as I can secure some minor casting. FX tests pending. One location down, but I may need another one. Also it would be helpful if someone from the cast (or more than one) of TMS came down. I know Terry expressed interest. That would be a huge help in keeping in many of the same characters from the movie.

For the detective short, there is a problem with lighting in the location I have. It takes place in one room, during the day, with plenty of sunlight. My location has no windows. So I'll be rewriting that bit. Plus there are a few items in this location that I cannot move, and the room has to be completely empty. So some improvising is in order. The minor FX in this one are covered as well.

But as for other upcoming projects, I'm going to need assitance from a professional FX company. Been talking to a couple of em. One in L.A. and another in Canada. A little bit too pricey for what I have, but definitely folks I'd like to keep in contact with once we have a real budget to work with.

As for where the funding is coming from for this, well for the most part, these are all no budget productions, as always. But I'm in the midst of working out a deal with a company for a small bit of funding for the other projects. This is not to mention what may be brewing with our little indie film THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. It's going to be an interesting next few months. Until then we work no budget, as usual, and keep hittin that day job. And of course I'll be posting the little behind the scenes tricks on all these productions and more.

Also some interesting developments at the day job. Digital technology is really picking up within the movie theatre industry. This past year UltraStar Theatres in Southern Cali went 100 percent digital. Carmike Theatres are in the process of going the same route. I've been working as a projection tech for several years now and I'm blown away each day I work with the digital equipment. I find it odd how often I actually have to use a computer to fix a problem in the projection booth. In the past it was always a splicer and tape. Now if you don't have a familiarity with computers to go along with projection experience, you're pretty much useless. Thank god I've been doing both for a while now.

We're only a few years away from having a complete digital system replacing these old 35mm projectors in almost every theatre across the country. It's scary this equipment I get to work with. The things that these computers and digital projectors are capable of are mind blowing. I swear to God the other day the main server booted up, took a deep Darth Vader breath, and in this deep Dr. Claw voice, told me to Fuck off. Seriously. The system is filled with glitches, of course, but the speed at which they are being fixed is phenomenal.

I have to say though, as much as I love 35mm film projectors, this new digital technology will really help out indie moviemakers even more so then it previously has. No need to bust out 3 to 4 grand to transfer your movie to film. Now you can keep your movie digital, film look it if you want to, have it loaded into a portable hard drive and ingested in to the main LMS, or just simply burn a high quality DVD, or even hook up your laptop or camera. Screening DVDs through a digital projector is how we've done screenings in the past, but now the ease at how this can be done and then projected at such great quality, it really is mind blowing.

It's an interesting time to be a movie maker and a projectionist. I'm having a blast being both.

Happy New Year! God I miss being in Texas with a house full of Filipinos singing bad karaoke on New Years Eve. Wherever you are, I hope this will be an amazing new year for all of us.

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