Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Paint By Numbers

 The first 4 minutes of REDD are done. Completely finalized. Even uploaded a semi final cut so a few folks could see just so I could gauge reaction.  I can only hope that the rest of the world has the same reaction as everyone else.

The first 4 minutes is the actual scene that starts off the feature. When we do the actual feature there may be some minor differences and some amped up action, but it's pretty much going to be the same scene. The Fairy Tale introduction of our Red Riding Hood aka REDD, then the reveal of what kind of movie this actually is. It's straight up action horror and complete fun.

Now it's all about the next 4 minutes, which is the trailer portion, that explains the basic plot of REDD. I expect to get a good portion of it shot this weekend, with possibly 3 more shooting days in the next few weeks. This will be wrapped up before February, weather and reality permitting.

Other things in my life are being turned up a bit, which is kind of pressuring me to really get REDD finished and online and get the fundraising started. I'm planning on doing 3 phases of fundraising. The first phase being a very small amount. Possibly around $500.

The final budget looks to be about $11,000. But honestly I'm going to aim for much more as I'll definitely need about $5,000 specifically for Distribution and Marketing.

Right now it's all connect the dots and paint by numbers. Just follow the steps that are laid out, and we'll have a finished product to get ourselves towards an even more finished product.

This year is all about making REDD into a feature film.

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