Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Actions Speak Louder

You are defined by what you do. Even the act of doing nothing defines you.

I think that's why I haven't really blogged. I feel more motivated to do something rather than talk about it. So nothing to really elaborate on.

Fundraising is underway at Kickstarter. And we've gotten some pledges in already.

Been working on re-writes for the new episodes, site updates, and vlogs like this one:

Working on more videos and vlogs. It's one of the only ways I know of to really reach out to the online community about our Kickstarter page. Before you know it 25 days will be up and we'll know whether or not we'll be able to make any episodes.

So please, if you can, pledge. You'll get rewards, you'll help make this dream of mine happen, and you'll help raise money for Cancer Charities.

Even if it's just for one dollar.

Thank you so much to everyone that have pledged so far. Helps me stay positive.

If you don't know what I'm trying to raise money for, please check out

If you like what you see, then please help us out.

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