Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today so far has been all about figuring it all out. What can be done? When can it be done? And how can it be done?

Doing a number of camera tests today. Trying out different filters in post. Also writing out the initial score. Yes this is for Creep, but sadly my brain is set on high, so I'm also contemplating another feature idea. Once again I'm walking that actor/director line. I think Creep will be great, but it does require me to play the lead, which I know I can do. But this new project that I am contemplating keeps me behind the camera, which is where I kind of want to stay just to make sure all goes smoothly.

Especially looking at the camera tests so far and working through this footage. This is going to require some real tender, love, and care. All my projects do (well most of em), but if I'm really trying to create something in the cinematical aces, then I really have to put extra care into the behind the scenes work.

Thankfully the internet provides some help with that. There are a slew of folks who've already done the work for you. Do a search on Vimeo or even Youtube for whatever camera you plan on testing, and chances are you'll find someone has already tested it for you. Light tests and all.

At some point today I will breaking to make a meatloaf. Then I will watch LOST. Then I will return to tests, scoring, and then re-writes. If you've been a previous cast member in anyone of my projects in the last few years, you may very well get a random message from me today or tomorrow.

Someday, it won't snow, so I can shoot outside. Someday .

My Indy Mogul episode is still getting me some great feeback. The episode itself is actually a recut of a video tutorial I did back in 2008. Since then a few folks have felt inspired to work on their own DIY Necronomicons, many of them blow mine out of the water. And that's what it's all about isn't it? To post your tutorial in the hopes that someone out there will be inspired and improve upon your techniques. Because of what I've seen in these vids, I'm going to revisit my prop and improve on mine.

Feel free to visit these videos, rate them high, and subscribe to these folks.

From SkullProduction97

From x0fx3

From ddexpress

Seriously great work guys!

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